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Telegram without ads?
  • Ah nice, I didn't know that was possible

  • Telegram without ads?
  • True! But then Simplex / Signal are no real alternatives to Telegram, are they?

  • Telegram without ads?
  • I'll give it a try, thanks!

  • Telegram without ads?
  • I already use an ad blocking DNS, but that's not how they distribute ads, sadly

  • Telegram without ads?
  • Which one? There's three in my post. And I do use an ad blocking DNS, but this can't block message-like ads from Telegram. Otherwise it would have to somehow read the encrypted message content...

  • Telegram without ads?
  • I know! But I don't really have a choice currently; which app would you suggest for tickers / info channels? Mastodon would be an option, but it's not quite the same. Abd I'd first have to convince everyone to use it :/

  • Telegram without ads?
  • I use telegram mainly for info channels and tickers. To my knowledge that's not possible in Signal, because you can't restrict participants to be read-only (right?)

  • Telegram without ads?

    So, Telegram has launched horrible ads that look a lot like spam to me. At least in my channels it's typically some crypto bullshit. So, I wonder if people know about alternatives to the subscription service for blocking them? Sadly, Forkgram won't offer that option and it doesn't seem to be allowed. However, I wonder if there are still forks out there which block the ads? Or do people know of alternative options?

    JK Rowling agrees to meeting with Labour about gender transition policy
  • Sometimes I almost forget how fucked up JKR actually is

  • Removed
    The Cloudflare Poison
  • Can you give a source on the Hetzner claim? I'm curious and didn't find anything online

  • what u actually signed up for
  • This is quite centered around hetero dudes, which I find sad.

  • What apps would you love to have open-source alternatives for?
  • FlorisBoard (at least the beta) is getting there (swiped on FlorisBoard), though it's not quite there yet

  • What apps would you love to have open-source alternatives for?
  • Can't relate. It's not harder to get your hands on a matrix account in comparison to a mail account. And for those that want it even easier, just download Element and you are guided through the default registration at

  • Least Favorite IDE ngl
  • Why not use VIM though?

  • Do you think Proton Unlimited worth the price?
  • I mean, you could also just self-host 🤷

  • People using 'less' when they should be using 'fewer'
  • Nah, I like my VIM keys

  • What odt editor for Android do you recommend?
  • Well it seems they don't publish a signing key, so that's a good reason against it.

  • Time to ditch #duckduckgo
  • I've been using metager for some while and really like it. They're also part of an initiative pushing for a free as in freedom search index, so that's nice

  • StromAmpel: An application using an AZ-Delivery ESP8266MOD 12-F to display the current electricity mix for Germany in a traffic light kind of way StromAmpel

    An application using an AZ-Delivery ESP8266MOD 12-F to display the current electricity mix for Germany in a traffic light kind of way.


    Inspired by this Mastodon account, I programmed an ESP8266 microcontroller to act as a traffic light, indicating the current electricity mix. Check it out on Codeberg! It uses an API from the Fraunhofer Institute and the parts cost around 5€. In my shared flat we use it as an indicator on when to run demanding devices, like the washing machine.

    Razzia war rechtswidrig, hat aber keine Folgen? Indymedia: Razzia bei Radio Dreyeckland war rechtswidrig –

    Die Hausdurchsuchungen gegen den Freiburger Radiosender wegen Setzen eines Links auf das Archiv der verbotenen Plattform waren rechtswidrig. Der Sender spricht von einer

    Indymedia: Razzia bei Radio Dreyeckland war rechtswidrig –

    Ich finde es absurd, dass eine Razzia als rechtswidrig eingestuft werden kann, das aber keinerlei Folgen hat. Wieso kann und darf die Staatsanwaltschaft immer wieder folgenlos das Gesetz brechen? Wie ist das mit einem Rechtsstaat vereinbar?

    Can't change display name

    So somehow I can't change my display name. When I go to settings I can change the value, but when I click save and refresh, the old value is still there. I have this problem for a few weeks already, so I don't think I'm just too impatient. It seems to be similar for other settings like 2FA, but it'd especially annoying for the name, bc I now can't set my chosen name. Does anyone else have a similar problem? Do you know a workaround? Can I help fixing the problem?

    FOSS equation plotter?

    So currently I use Grapher for plotting equations. I've used it for years and it works great, but it doesn't seem to be open source. So I looked for a FOSS alternative, but didn't find one on F-Droid or the rest of the internet. Do you know of a FOSS alternative? What do you use? Do you prefer web applications (like Wolfram Alpha)?

    Does anyone actually use I2P

    I first heard about I2P here on lemmy. The concept sounds really cool, but does anyone actually use it? And if so, what for? To me it sounds like it depends on many people using it and many applications integrating it, which just doesn't seem to be the case.

    FOSS Yoga App?

    Does anyone know of a FOSS app for yoga practice? This seems easy enough, but I couldn't find anything on F-Droid...


    Ok please don't be offended, I'm just innocently unknowing and only recently started identifying as something like enby transfem. But what is the meaning of the blåhajs? Why does a (admittably cute) plush Ikea shark have such relevance here? And can you maybe also enlighten me about common pitfalls I should avoid? (Like a wrong model, wrong spelling, wrong way of cuddling, ...) Or how strict are the blåhaj expectations there? Thanks <3

    metacolon Timber

    Enby climate justice activist &amp; software developer. Pronouns they/them (dey/deren in German).

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