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Why Is the World Ignoring a Looming Genocide in Sudan?
  • The world has a tendency to ignore genocides that include mostly brown people killing eachother off.

    Point and case: the genocide in the old Yugoslavian block was front page news. Rwanda on the other hand barely a blip.

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    Do Christians really think that being educated is sinful and should be avoided?
  • God cast out the fallen angel from heaven and placed him in charge of hell so Lucifer could continue to spread evil around the world. God is the reason evil exists in this world.

    Any being godlike or otherwise that can cast somebody that they supposedly love into a place like hell is an inherently evil being.

    More atrocities have been committed in the name of God than to anything else on the face of this planet to this very day.

    The idea of a jadeo-Christian God is single-handedly the most destructive Force humanity has ever created.

  • Clarence Thomas Just Set Civil Rights Back 70 Years
  • “Racial isolation” itself is not a harm; only state-enforced segregation is. After all, if separation itself is a harm, and if integration therefore is the only way that Blacks can receive a proper education, then there must be something inferior about Blacks. Under this theory, segregation injures Blacks because Blacks, when left on their own, cannot achieve. To my way of thinking, that conclusion is the result of a jurisprudence based on a theory of black inferiority,” he said in 2004.

    Says a well educated black man sitting on the supreme Court of the United States only because of brown v. Board.

    I don't know if calling this man an Uncle Tom is appropriate so I won't. But man it sure does feel like he is.

  • Families of Uvalde victims sue Activision, say Call of Duty is 'the most prolific and effective marketer of assault weapons in the United States'
  • And I'm telling you that the algorithm isn't causing this.

    The underlying root cause of these things have nothing to do with marketing or any algorithm that any marketing firm employs.

    The underlying issues are mental illness and a lack of mental health Care in America Not to mention the basically suggestions we have for gun control instead of laws.

    Marketing firms cannot and should not be held accountable for people freely using the internet or any other service that also have mental illness

    The relevant conundrum is that they should regardless take some kind of responsibility for this Even if they have no liability.

    The fact that you are even talking about stuff like this even if it is out of ignorance and probably naivety is that you are detracting from the underlying issues causing these things to occur in the first place.

    This whole thing is nothing more than a frivolous lawsuit specifically designed to make a little bit of profit from a settlement preying on the grief and torment of people who lost a child in that terrible shooting.

  • Families of Uvalde victims sue Activision, say Call of Duty is 'the most prolific and effective marketer of assault weapons in the United States'
  • They're not intentionally targeting the mentally ill to sell them guns so they can perform crimes with them.

    What's happening is this mentally ill person was searching things, the algorithm caught on and sent them advertisements to persuade them to purchase more of the things he was looking at.

    The algorithm doesn't really care what it is as long as it qualifies in whatever marketing parameters they have.

    Did the algorithm persuade or affect the person's actions and promoted the crimes that they committed. Probably not. Do these predatory marketing firms have some kind of accountability? They probably do.

    But not for the reasons that you think.

  • Linus Tech Tips (LTT) release investigation results on former accusations
  • Yes. Correct. A person made accusations and those accusations were exaggerated by cowboy journalism in part by gamer Nexus and various other YouTube channels.

    They are most definitely being definite. And if they were to agree to some kind of out of court settlement with a nondisclosure agreement it wouldn't be made public.

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