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Robust, yet compact umbrella?
  • We were just not an hour or two ago having a natter about umbrellas after I bought a RAM umbrella (I've used their mounts, was surprised they did umbrellas) after years of living in the UK. Yes, I've never used an umbrella in all my days here.....

    Along with the Blunt recommendation I also got from my expert across the pond poking me towards these too

    The RAM one is fugging lethal if you point the opening mechanism towards someone's face, but is very satisfying and seems solid contrary to the reviews?

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    Millions of supermarket chickens in the UK have skin burns from living in their own excrement
  • An ideal case would be where you comment against the post itself, and then a community allowed bot removes your comment and gives you a tldr: in your inbox.

    Having bots spam comment sections like this only leads to users saying....

    Bad bot?

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    Millions of supermarket chickens in the UK have skin burns from living in their own excrement
  • It should be banned, outright, for spamming every goddamn comment section "un-invoked". This is the most important bit, because "hiding" bots via your profile then means you can't see any if you do want one.

    If a human does want some bot spam in their inbox, the maker should allow it to send that human some gibberish in their own inbox rather than each comment section.

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    ZTE launches the world's first 5G+AI eyewear-free 3D tablet nubia Pad 3D II at MWC 2024
  • Google Maps?

    I was searching for somewhere the other month and with my phone didn't realise it could superimpose things like that

  • Apple to Wind Down Electric Car Effort After Decadelong Odyssey https:// /HTdJb

    A phone with 94 days of standby!
  • I have a Cubot King Kong 5 Pro. Yes, it's named that.

    I haven't even had the endurance to test its battery life. Thing lasts forever if it has no SIM card / WiFi / BT and might as well be a MP3 player that lasts you weeks.

    edit: I turned it on 5 days ago after this comment and turned weefee/BT/NFC off. 85% remaining.

    Should be a fun thing to watch.

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    IPTV Piracy Group Members Arrested For Signal Theft, Fraud, Money Laundering * TorrentFreak
  • Is curious.

    I share one of my TVHeadend servers with someone in India so they can watch BBC and other DVB/FTA content without having to jump through hoops/VPN's for the many streaming apps that are restricted to UK only IP's.

    Come at me, Channel4?

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    Court blocks $1 billion copyright ruling that punished ISP for its users’ piracy
  • :) You do know that bot is banned in right?

    And to be fair, it is unsolicited bot spam (I miss BotDefense) although it ultimately is up to the admins and mods in this....instance and there is always the possibility of useful bots. Blanket blocking them via your profile seems a bit, meh, e: especially if you want to invoke one which is always the better way?

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    [COMPLETED] 0.19.3 Update
  • Yep, I had Colesy too for a moment since they might w.....erm....@cole?

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    What would your ideal piracy software be like?
  • It was interesting as a concept, but streaming torrents have never been the optimal way

    While this is true to some extent, I never had an issue with BitCast (Casted, torrents) until Google didn't like it and banned it (edit: wait, have they unbanned that or is it visible to me because I had it prior installed?), even though they allow other torrent clients such as Flud etc.

    Maybe they didn't want Cast™ to be associated with arrrr's but it worked well for me, especially for well seeded seas.

    edit II: RIP

    is available still to my Google Account because I had it prior. Time to play and see if it works still.

    eIII: no bueno :(

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    ‘It went nuts’: Thousands join UK parents calling for smartphone-free childhood
  • Yep, and then you have the blue Vs green bubble debacle.

    As a fully grown adult the amount of shit I get from friends and co-workers for not using WhatsApp is crazy.

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    What to put on new phone?
  • Probably read the rules and post in [email protected], which got auto populated by Boost for Lemmy upon me typing it. Which was fucking neat.

    Then, learn how to use adb shell list packages` to list your entire app list.

    Also, androidcirclejerk has a really good list of the common apps peeps usually jerk about, but I ain't linking weddit.

    Good luck!

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    [COMPLETED] 0.19.3 Update
  • give it a try!

    I made sure to have two entries in Authenticator for me fugging up and locking myself out of my account but unfortunately amazingly it went smoothly and I cleaned them up with no fugg up at all for anyone else reading, but hesitant about enabling it. I've seen a couple of account takeovers (top admins/mods) and they're not good.

    Thank you based coders, Colesy, and all the rest the gang. :thumbs up:

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    [COMPLETED] 0.19.3 Update
  • :)

    it's a tongue in cheek reference to Coles being alright after their house move / IRL busyness along with Elmo checking in on the internet as a whole.

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    Syncthing: how to sync files between Android profiles!

    The 3/2/1 backup solution can be bulked out by backing up more than once off site to multiple SMB drive shares.

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    [COMPLETED] 0.19.3 Update
  • The main thing is you're alright like Elmo said.


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    Microsoft Edge for Android is getting support for extensions
  • Things we never asked for.

    I think they're called extensions because they are an extension of what the original product, intended?

    Feel free to correct my confusion .

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    Syncthing: how to sync files between Android profiles!
  • I think you meant to reply to my top level comment and Lemmy can be a little iffy, at the best of times?

    But I don't agree that Syncthing is "way easier than using CIFS/SMB. I actually find once you understand how the syncing process is happening and when makes things much more apparent.

    Also yay no more worrying about it being off site and fulfilling the 3-2-1 mantra.

    I now have a 6+5+4+3+2+1 thanks to two routers with OpenWRT on them off site 🥳

  • Friday Night Posse - Right and Exact Nation

    One of my most favourite mashups from Harry Hard and the FNP crew.

    Block YouTube Ads on AppleTV by Decrypting and Stripping Ads from Profobuf Block YouTube Ads on AppleTV by Decrypting and Stripping Ads from Profobuf

    Apple TV and iOS YouTube ads are not blocked by Pi-hole, so I researched this and discovered a flaw in Protobuf that allows me to restrict YouTube ads.

    HOLO YOLO, Toshiba.

    Petition to make a wiki page to make a Approved Wiki page of Approved Printers?


    Focusing on next-generation portable charging and power supply services.Its products are sold through channels in over 100 countries and regions worldwide. Its core team are also responsible for ZMI operation for 10 years and have a reputation for high-quality products with over 100 million units po...