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343 Industries Has Allegedly Been Downsized Considerably, Upcoming Halo Titles To Be Largely Outsourced
  • I think a great example of what 343 should have done is treyarch taking over COD from infinity ward. They've converted infinity ward's COD into a behemoth. They maintained what worked. They knew living upto IW's standards wouldn't work. They split the COD brand up to MW, BlackOps & the World War stuff, to mitigate any creative risks they could now take. This allowed them to grow COD including going into newer platform & modes e.g. Warzone.

    I know it's not an apples to apples comparison, but it does show how management of a studio is as important as the creative vision. 343 clearly lacked both.

  • Google is killing infinite scroll on search results
  • Absolutely, this change makes it harder for people to quickly scroll away ads at the top & for ad blockers to seamlessly hide ads. With ad blockers your first page will be mostly empty & make google more annoying to use.

  • CATL battery successfully powers electric plane with 1,800-mile civil aircraft expected
  • This is really great. Wendover Productions made an excellent video about electrification of flights a while ago.

    Now the real question is: will world governments allow this Chinese technology into their countries? Protectionism is a valid *public reason to deny it, but I wonder if denying Chinese tech under the guise of national security a last ditch attempt from big oil lobbyists?

    Or is that too far fetched and I'm just way to cynical.

  • Death toll at Hajj pilgrimage rises to 1,300 amid scorching temperatures
  • Wow! Saudi Arabia killing poor people without having to spend money on beheading equipment! Just imagine the savings!

    In all seriousness, Saudi Arabia is doing s shit job at protecting and taking care of it's mecca visitors. You could even argue their OPEC cartel has made/is making global warming waaaay worse that it needed to be, making these extreme heat situation more likely.

  • Portrayal of character in Steve Coogan’s film The Lost King is defamatory, judge rules
  • I'd like to imagine the judge had to sit and watch the movie, then share his thoughts on the case. Its like a legal movie critic, but when he gives a 1 star review you go to jail lmao.

    I know there's nuance, but still funny.

  • Microsoft in damage-control mode, says it will prioritize security over AI
  • I think Windows 11 was supposed to be that clean break. They've reimplemented a lot of core functionality compared to XP & 7. If they're still getting breached then they obviously aren't serious about security.

  • Kuwait building blaze: Victims worked for firm whose MD was behind film on misery of workers Kuwait building blaze: Victims worked for firm whose MD was behind film on misery of workers

    The firm, NBTC, was established in 1977 and now operates across Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. It provides services linked to engineering and construction, logistics, hotel and retailing.

    Kuwait building blaze: Victims worked for firm whose MD was behind film on misery of workers

    "I play both sides so I always come on top"

    The Google Pay app is dead
  • Google often feels like a disorganized company with constantly shifting priorities, and a big reason behind that is the lack of top-down initiatives from the CEO. That means the real driving force behind most projects at Google are mid-level executives who show up with grand plans and then leave—either in disgrace or triumph—when those initial plans run their course.

    Makes a lot of sense. There doesn't seem to be a unifying strategy behind anything google does. I also think theres a vicious circle going on here: google has a loyalty problem, which could be solved by long term thinking, usually done by loyal employees, but employees don't stick around long enough.

  • Malicious VSCode extensions with millions of installs discovered
  • As @Deebster points out, on Android & iOS apps need to ask for permission before accessing sensitive commands beyond the kernel. VisualStudio (as far as as I know) doesn't have a permissions layer. Also the article also mentions that scrutiny is lenient since VSCode is a Dev tool used by (on average) knowledgeable users.

    100% agree with you, Microsoft is mostly cost cutting/shirking responsibility by not implementing tighter controls on external code on their tools.

  • i have plans beyond your comprehension
  • Ok being serious then, the meme (& most people) refer to working class British dishes like fish & chips, beans on toast, bangers and mash which don't have a lot of spice used in them. Many of them were probably invented, adapted & popularized by working class people during post world war 2 rationing.

    I'm sure authentic British recipes do contain "rich people" food, but memes and pejoratives about their cuisine ignores or doesn't know about such food.

    Its like a meme mentioning American food as burgers & gravy, while pedants would argue Mexican food is also American. Ignoring why North Americans (mostly poor people) eat fast food and the socio-economic factors that forces them to eat low nutrition food.

  • i have plans beyond your comprehension
  • Oh Yeah! Like they'd earn all the money and they'd spend it by paying wages & share what they imported with common folk. It'll all trickle down to the rest of us... eventually, right? /s

  • i have plans beyond your comprehension
  • Its funny how people assume colonization benefitted all Brits equally, and spices, tea (& riches) weren't hoarded by royalty and the gentry.

    How the hell do you think the East India Company got so rich? It wasn't by selling it to... shudder ... normal and... wretching... poor people. They can stick to their traditional true British spice, Salt & vinegar! /s

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