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Simple video doorbell software recommendations?
  • Awesome that's good to hear, all my LEDs and stuff I have blocked to everything but HA at my firewall but some devices like my smart vacuum apparently NEED internet access to work at all which I was hoping it didn't. My current doorbell needs it I think but hoping to get a new doorbell and camera when I move next year.

  • Monolithic setup vs dedicated devices
  • Once you learn it it isn't super crazy but takes a lot of effort obviously. I think most people who do use k3s and k8s at home are people who use it for work so already knows how and where things should work and be. That said I work with kubernetes every day for work managing a handful of giant production clusters and at home I use unraid to keep it simple.

  • Nothing CMF Phone 1 review
  • Appreciate the info, hadn't heard of any of that and I'm typing this from my Nothing Phone2. It was the only high performance phone cheaper than the galaxy and pixel devices and supports custom ROMs for the future. I don't use any specific Nothing apps or buds or launcher or anything. Also moved off most google apps as well so using open source and Android system apps or calls so hopefully shouldn't be too affected!

  • We’re all feeling sequel fatigue – but Hollywood’s giving us Shrek 5
  • That's very true i wasn't nit picking your post at all please keep it up, I actively avoid trailers so if I don't see the movie popup on letterboxd or IMDb or here then I won't hear about it.

    I was more voicing frustrations with most comments I see on these posts always complaining about sequels.

    This weekend and next week I'm hoping to see Maxxxine, Kinds of Kindness and Longlegs to vote with my wallet with what I want to keep seeing. I did also go see In a Violent Nature at my Alamo drafthouse and it was... An experience but glad I supported that small indie project for the first time director.

  • We’re all feeling sequel fatigue – but Hollywood’s giving us Shrek 5
  • Definitely not knocking all sequels, just most of the comments in this thread and over on are all about Hollywood only making sequels anymore. I do want to see Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, Maxxxine and Quiet Place: Day One as well. Going to see either Maxxxine or Kinds of Kindness this weekend and hopefully Longlegs after that. Sequels can be done right and be great and lots have been done to prove that but seems that's all people pay attention to now days while complaining that's all that gets made apparently.

  • We’re all feeling sequel fatigue – but Hollywood’s giving us Shrek 5
  • Think we may need a bot to post this to all the Lemmy movie Cs, it is annoying that there are so many remakes but there's also been so many brand new movie ideas and directors coming out in 2023 and 2024, go see those movies to show the studios what they need to make instead of 8 people posting Hollywood has no ideas anymore.

    Ones off the top of my head to see right now, The Bikeriders, Kinds of Kindness, Longlegs and Thelma.

    Now on streaming: Monkey Man, I saw the TV Glow, and Hit Man.

  • Spain - Germany 18:00
  • I was surprised to not see it called but they could have thought it was natural position, wasn't moving out or up or anything like that but these handball rules are confusing and every game calls get worse and worse.

  • Brad Pitt - F1 (2025)
  • There is already a insanely popular show on Netflix about the real athletes every season so a movie about them as well is probably a little unnecessary. I know nothing about this script but hopefully based on a true story or something.

  • Ebooks library (cross platform)
  • I use Kavita since I don't get audiobooks and found out about it before ABS. I convert amazon bought ebooks to epub using calibre and put them on my unraid server to get picked up by kavita. Any epub can be emailed from kavita to my device.

  • Biden Campaign Brushes Off Idea of Reforming the Supreme Court
  • Except it wasn't pure luck things worked out for Trumps term regarding the SC appointees. Obama was able to pick one or two which was blocked and vetoed and filibustered by the cons for years until their guy was there.

  • Okay, Biden isn’t popular. But his policies sure are.
  • What you're not seeming to take into account is that every democrat I know has issues with Biden but since he is a career politician we know he's capable of putting knowledgeable people in places he doesn't have expertise in, which is what a competent leader does (which means I can't even mention trump, doesn't come close). The right doesn't seem to understand you can get your ideas and policies across without full complete love and support for the candidate. He's not the Dems supreme leader like the right has where everyone has to bow down, it's a system and he's just a head to rally behind while others get stuff done.

  • ‘The Bear’ Season 3 Hits 5.4 Million Views in Four Days, Hulu’s Biggest Scripted TV Premiere Ever
  • It was certainly odd to do that as the first episode of the new season but that episode was anything but "filler"; it added in a ton of the missing pieces the show hadn't gone over yet. I get the format and not many conversations was odd but the episode flew by for me and was cool to finally meet his actual mentor and not just Joel McHale

  • God King go brrrrrrrrr
  • Agreed, Trump wouldn't even know what to do with SEAL team 6 if he saw what they did right in front of him in large crayon but the only goal is killing or stopping anything that could make one thing work for the majority of people.

  • [Nottingham Forest] Three extremely poor decisions - three penalties not given - which we simply cannot accept.

    [Nottingham Forest] Three extremely poor decisions - three penalties not given - which we simply cannot accept. We warned the PGMOL that the VAR is a Luton fan before the game but they didn’t change him. Our patience has been tested multiple times. NFFC will now consider its options.

    Refreshing build and loop in Meshlicious

    Jumped from a 5600X to 5600X3D for a bit more performance and longevity but mostly wanted to reorient my fans against the rad and install the velocity2 CPU block I got for $70 a few months ago.

    GPU is an evga RTX3080 12G


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