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Americans, what's the plan if Trump wins the election in November? (serious)
  • Well, I wouldn't call the world we live in "sane".

  • Cottagecor(ul)e

    I do find the cottagecore aesthetic visually pleasing and dream of being kinda self-sufficient someday, but people need to stop and think about what kind of values their 'aesthetic' implies for a minute.

    You get paid for that?
  • haha girl dum dum and shallow, boy smart and quirky

  • This is not a record to be proud of.
  • I thought he was drowning.

  • So, I found a cat in the river today...
  • Cat distribution system at work.

  • Some are though.
  • What about dry people?

  • Think Tobey planned this?
  • You know, it's pretty hard to be a girl without ever meeting a girl.

  • Think Tobey planned this?
  • Someone has never talked to an actual girl.

  • What's our stance on sex work?
  • Also, completely banning sex work makes it a lot harder to regulate.

  • I finally found a rule worth posting
  • I'll be long gone before I start calling it "X"

  • playboi rule
  • Who's gonna tell them that most people, in fact, don't wish that?

  • Rule
  • It's also washbear (pesukarhu) in Finnish!

  • Tacos.
  • Yep. Even though I'm not an atheist, I still don't understand this argument. I'm a good person (or at least try to be) for the sake of being a good person, because I don't need to be threathened with eternal damnation in order to not murder people.

  • Tacos.
  • Exactly. It just sounds like they would do anything if they were sure they wouldn't be punished for it.

  • Tacos.
  • Why be good if there is no hell?

    Erm... If you need to be threathened with eternal torture in order to be a good person, then chances are you are not good person.

  • How do you even call that?
  • That thing is definitely raw. You'll get salmonella if you eat it.

  • Iran arrests 260 people for spreading 'satanism and nudity'
  • Spreading satanism and nudity rules.

  • Collecting dandelion sap

    I've been thinking about collecting dandelion sap (y'know, the white stuff inside the stem) for a while, but I can't find anything about how to collect it because duckduckgo only shows unrelated results.

    A bit late

    "b-but bears are actually dangerous!" Shut the hell up.


    Mr. Pretty from Dildo, Newfoundland photographs penis-shaped iceberg. (shamelessly stolen from tumblr)

    What's inside the London Tower Bridge?

    To clarify, I mean what's inside these towers circled in the picture?

    Tragedeigh: shitty baby names hungryphrog
    Okay, but Mötley is a pretty awesome name.

    Image transcription: a tweet by @kaicomedy that says: noooo that's my emotional support 8,000 screenshots I haven't looked at since taking