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What service do you prefer and why to order food to your home?
  • And people like you are why we can't have cool things.. people like you are the reason why fucking companies take away the fucking refunds policies. Not like people like you give a fuck though, I'm wasting my breath.

  • Hello all, the downvotes keep me inspired tbh
  • I didn't say go out to the forest and murder everything you see in a bloodlust-filled killing spree with all of your friends. But okay go off.

  • Hello all, the downvotes keep me inspired tbh
  • Kill your own animals exists it's called hunting.. and one good Hunter can feed an entire village for a full season with one good kill. Don't know why I'm bothering to comment on a fucking circle jerk post though God knows I'm going to be shit on for my opinion here

  • That Darn Cat (1997)
  • great fucking movie

  • Oh no, they put GRANDMA in the McFlurry!!!!
  • Peach cobbler for me

  • Absolutely Anything (2015 1080p)
  • This popped up on my YouTube for me the other day I decided to just randomly watch it and it wasn't all that bad at all definitely passed the time and I got a couple Chuckles out of it. It's obviously not the most original concept but it was still entertaining enough!

  • Deleted
    I kind of just need others uninvolved opinion
  • She's not interested in anything move on and don't worry about it because you dodged a bullet

  • NSFW
  • Wat

  • NSFW Removed
    Is it morally wrong for a 18 year-old man to have sex with a 48-year-old woman
  • Now the real question is which one is you... a 16 year old trying to justify wanting to fuck a 21-year-old, or a 21 year old trying to morally justify why it's okay to have sex with a 16 year old

  • Tennessee woman denied abortion after fetus’ ‘brain not attached’ slams ban
  • As much as I absolutely adore your interpretation there is a comma after that s in fetus rofl

  • Tennessee woman denied abortion after fetus’ ‘brain not attached’ slams ban
  • At what point? Because it's perfect English and it's perfect grammar

  • Do you leave a tip for housekeeping if you're only staying one night in a hotel?
  • I was a housekeeper and most Asian folks leave a toonie on or around the pillow everyday in canada it was really sweet

  • We are doing a movie night tonight 7:30 Eastern
  • I don't know why I'm being downvoted when all I'm doing is uncovering a bunch of racists but I guess I would be downvoted by a bunch of racists

  • A bit late
  • It's because nobody wants to talk about trauma at the hands of women.. everybody goes extremely, extremely quiet when the topic of the capable violence of women enters the room. I have a personal feeling, as a woman, that if we talk about all of the tools and tricks and things that women do to manipulate and abuse, less women will get away with it, and women don't want that, so they stay silent in order to enable basically a fucking gang, operating with impunity, in a way as a woman, I kind of feel held hostage at the sleepover if you know what I mean..

  • A bit late
  • Lol I got you my homie. To be fair, I did feel patronized.. but we solved it so that's wonderful and fantastic and we are still having a good end of our weekend, goddammnit are we not.

  • A bit late
  • It's funny that you downvoted this person because you didn't take the time to wonder if his question was genuinely asked or not ... I took the time, as the person who was supposed to be offended in the first place, to tell this person that they were wrong... and then they corrected themselves... it's almost like you want to be offended on my behalf, but this guy did not upset me as much as your comment currently is upsetting me so that's fucking hilarious.

  • A bit late
  • Thanks back to you

  • We are doing a movie night tonight 7:30 Eastern
  • Where Jews and Indians will be made fun of a lot so if you're not into ethnic slurs or whatever don't join.

    What a fucking group of people. Way to make watching movies not fun.

  • A bit late
  • You're right.. a woman would take you home first before she fucking drugged your tea or whatever the Hell she's going to do to you. Just because women have less muscles don't mean they're not just as psychopathic as any dude murderer. The long-term damage that women can cause on the mind and body is fucking creepy and terrifying. Even creepier and more terrifying when you realize how many women utilize manipulative psychopathic actions in regular day-to-day life. Women are total horror shows for me. Unknowable, unsafe, unreliable, unstable. Terrifying.

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    Raoul Sinier

    I first fell in love with ra back in the early days of the internet.. his original EV Panic album was the highlight of my internet days.... burning CDs and trying to find cool music.. this guy was the shit.. it's really cool to see him do new stuff and I'm really glad that he still makes music. I'm just sharing this in the hope that somebody finds him as cool as I do.. his very old albums are worth listening to....I swear to God, this guy is cool as fuck.

    When people post YouTube links, is there a cool open source way to watch it on mobile without going through youtube, firefox, or downloading adblockers?

    When people post YouTube links.. is there a cool open source way to watch it on mobile without going through youtube? Because when I click on a YouTube link and I'm on my phone and it immediately gives me an ad it's pissing me off like in a huge way.. is there a way to bypass ads without an ad blocker on my phone

    Baby otter in the water

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    Rusty Doorhinge

    I don't really know what to say.. here is a photo I took?

    Aaaauugghhhhh, fuuck.

    My whole life has been building up to this moment.. everyone has always told me not to look at the Sun during an eclipse.... teachers, parents, television, newspapers, the government........ and now that is exactly THE ONLY THING I want to fucking do today.. .....I just want to take a quick peek at the sun!! holy shit it is taking EVERY OUNCE of my willpower not to look at the sky right now. It's like a mighty itch.. but for my eyes.

    I'm writing this post just so I can distract myself from the fact that there's a yearning sun, begging to be stared at right now just outside my window within eyeball reach. It is so close and I can hear it's siren song beckoning. God help me, and may it end swiftly.

    Breaking Barriers: Accessible Braille 5e SRD! Breaking Barriers: Accessible Braille 5e SRD!

    The 1st-ever #braille 5e SRD is now available, making the core #DnD rules more accessible to all. Download for free! #TTRPG #Accessibility

    Breaking Barriers: Accessible Braille 5e SRD!


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    > The 1st-ever braille 5e SRD is now available, making the core D&D rules more accessible to all. Download for free!

    Random thoughts today

    I'm scared to interact on Boost or lemmy or Mastodon or wherever the hell I am because I'm not good at socializing and I feel like my personality is just going to get me kicked off of this here new thing too ....and I have honest to goodness PTSD from trying to socialize. I don't know if I can do the cycle of socializing, kind of getting acquaintances or friends or people that don't mind talking to me, slowly fading out, and then not having friends again , or people just not talking to me anymore and it's really stressing me out and I don't want to get kicked out of anywhere anymore and all I want is some friends and a community and reliability and I'm nothing but a shit show that bothers everyone around me thank you for listening to my ramble the end

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    I make music, it doesn't have lyrics so its nice background noise.

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