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Anyone know a good mouse with a lot of side buttons, that isn't an MMO style?
  • Steel series Rival 500. Highly recommended. I got it specifically because I wanted as many buttons as possible but in an actually ergonomic to press layout vs trying to feel out the numbers in a numpad layout.

    You can rest your thumb on a spot in the middle that looks like a button but isn't and you can also lock out the 2 bottom buttons below your thumb with a physical switch if they get in the way

  • Which YouTuber still creates high-quality videos to this day?
  • Gaming


    ...more in Honytawk's comment below

    Science + Technology

    • Applied Science - In depth videos about random science-y things this dude finds interesting. No clickbait, just an excited dude talking about a project he tried.

    • Atomic Frontier - A lot like Tom Scott. He's also a rare case where the video is more interesting than the title/thumbnail. Generally focused on science-y topics + has shockingly high production value considering the dude seems to be an overworked college student.

    • NileRed/NileBlue - Crazy in depth chemistry videos. Personally find NileBlue more entertaining as he tends to explore things he's not that great at.

    • Practical Engineering - Explanations of various civil engineering concepts.


  • Someone redesigned the Steam UI, and I need it.
  • Valve needs to hire this person, my god. Love that they seem to really understand what users do with steam instead of just looking at it from miles away, removing every feature + calling it a redesign.

    Steam's UI has long been the worst part of using Steam for me, to the point that I actively avoid using any steam features I don't have to. While they've made small parts of it prettier over time, figuring out how to do anything you haven't done before is difficult, there's clutter all over that makes information like reviews harder to scan, and to top it all off, every single page has a different UI I have to figure out.

  • Remove Amazon Search from Right Click Menu
  • Since this is built into the OS, your only options are modifying the app or modding the OS, neither of which are things I'm well versed in but here's some stuff that can get you started if you're feeling adventurous:

    Modding the app: The way these actions work is android apps add a line in their manifest that registers them as handlers for "ACTION_PROCESS_TEXT". Article on this.

    I'd imagine you'd want to try and find a way to remove that registration from the app's manifest. Couldn't tell you exactly how but I know ReVanced lets you mod apps other than YouTube, so it could help with that?

    Modding the OS: Since it's built into the OS. If you can find the code that handles text selection actions, you could start with a custom ROM and add your own code that disables that action. Maybe even build a UI around it to help others with a similar complaint?!

  • Remove Amazon Search from Right Click Menu
  • Since nobody in the comments is being helpful I figured I'd do a little research for you. The TL;DR is apps can just put ads on your text selection any time they want + there's nothing you can do about it. At least on my phone, the ads are hidden in the overflow menu so I hadn't noticed them until I saw your post + checked in there. Perhaps on your device they show up because you have a wider screen?

    Here's another person with a similar complaint:

  • Looking for a 4k tv without smart functions
  • Got a Sony Bravia OLED and it's set up as a dumb TV, turns on instantly + I never see the Smart TV UI, not even a logo.

    What I did was decline everything at setup, hook up to the Internet via Ethernet once to update, unplug Ethernet and set it to turn on to last input.

  • Valve: "We don't know enough about NFTs to weigh in on that conversation"
  • Valve would never sell fake digital goods. Hats? Gun paint jobs? Nahhhh that's beneath them. I mean worse still, NFTs can be traded on the secondary market, which would be completely ridiculous for a company to allow for cosmetics in a video game of all things.

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • I've found it actually makes it easier for advertisers to track me - I tried turning it off briefly, expecting completely random, useless ads, but instead saw disturbingly relevant ads, which basically reflected a profile of the sites I visited regularly, for example, ads for products sold by random obscure sites I visit regularly. Not only that, but the ads followed me across sites.

    Not entirely sure why that was but my guess is that by simply allowing ads to load, you're letting ad providers like Facebook/Google collect far more identifying information to improve their confidence that you've visited a given site, vs by not loading them all they know is their tracking/ad script was requested. Similarly, by clicking an ad you're now also visiting an advertiser's site, loading even more tracking.

    For AdNauseum to achieve it's stated purpose, it would also need to visit random sites to pollute ad providers' profiles on you.

  • can anyone tell me wtf this is?
  • House centipedes may look like some prehistoric creature from the depths of hell, but really they're like spiders, they're your friends - they kill and eat bugs. You just don't see them as often because they're terrified of humans and zoom away at light speed when they see you.

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