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Reilly goes full Dale Hunter
  • I distinctly remember Nathan MacKinnon doing it recently. Maybe last year or the year before. It could have been in the postseason.

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    OpenWrt, now 20 years old, is crafting its own future-proof reference hardware
  • OpenVPN server was my number 1. Being able to VPN back into my home from anywhere in the world was amazing. I can't really remember any other, since it was more than a few years ago.

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    Select all SoCs which can boot mainline linux.
  • OH MAN. I worked on an Android tablet that used a rockchip CPU, not the one listed here but an older one (I think RK3026). What a PIECE OF SHIT. I don't wish that tablet on my worst enemy. Battery life was like sub 2 hours with a 3200 mAh battery. Sometimes it would start running hot, and you could watch the batter percentage go down one percent every 10-20 seconds. The only way to break it out was to reboot it or let it die.

    We later upgraded our CPU to the 3288, one gen older than this one, and it was significantly improved, but still very entry level.

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    Samsung advertising new phone in my notifications
  • Pretty much. How to guarantee I will never buy your brand ever again. Not that I would ever buy a Samsung anyway. Or anything preloaded with Facebook for that matter.

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    OpenWrt, now 20 years old, is crafting its own future-proof reference hardware
  • Yes, I was shocked at how small it is. I had no experience working with such limited resources going into this project. Our router had 32MB of storage. At one point I was looked into adding a python interpreter, and it was like 11MB. The Lua interpreter is like 250KB. Tiny!

    Also, the ternary operator has the best syntax of any language I have ever used.

    x = [condition] and [true value] or [false value]

    No question marks or colons or anything weird. It's a logical extension of && and || after commands in bash using keywords since it is a verbose language. I wish every language had this syntax.

    For contrast, python is:

    x = [true value] if [condition] else [false value]

    It just seems weird to me to have the condition in the middle.

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    OpenWrt, now 20 years old, is crafting its own future-proof reference hardware
  • The web UI backend stuff is all done in Lua. So receiving and processing forms was all Lua. My main feature that I implemented was a REST API that was called from another product that my company sold. So I had to do all the REST API processing and data validation and whatnot in Lua.

    I don't really have recommendations, because I really only knew our product. If I knew what I get, I probably would have got that instead of the Asus router that I ended up with when I had to return my work materials.

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    OpenWrt, now 20 years old, is crafting its own future-proof reference hardware
  • I was the lead engineer on an Openwrt router for 2 years at my old job. Their documentation is complete and utter shit, but their design is extremely intuitive. Whenever I said to myself, "hell, let's just try this and see if it works," it had an insanely high success rate.

    I didn't know Lua going into this project, but when I left the company, it made me really wonder why more people don't use Lua. It's a really nice language.

    I really enjoyed having my own open source router that I could just drop new features into by adding packages and recompiling. I was sad when I had to send all my dev units back.

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    What's (are) the funniest/stupidest way(s) you've broken your linux setup?
  • It was my first time using a Linux GUI. I was comfortable with CLI, but it was my first time having it installed on a laptop instead of just sshing into a server somewhere.

    So naturally, instead of learning how the GUI worked, I tried changing it to be exactly like Windows. I was doing things like making it so I could double click shell scripts and other code files and they would run instead of opening them up in an editor. I think you see where this is going, but I sure as hell didn't.

    Well, one of my coworkers comes over and asks me to run this code on this device we were developing. We were still in the very early stages of development, we didn't even have git set up, so he brought the code over on a USB stick. I pop it into my laptop. I went to check it once by opening it in an editor by double clicking on it... Only it ran the code that was written for our device on my laptop instead of opening in an editor.

    To this day, I have no idea what it did to fuck my laptop so bad. I spent maybe an hour trying to figure out what was wrong, but I was so inexperienced with Linux, that I decided to just reinstall the OS. I had only installed it the day before anyway, so I wasn't losing much.

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    Sublinks Aims to Be a Drop-In Replacement for Lemmy
  • "I'm right, and if anyone disagrees, it's because they're brainwashed"

    There's literally no possible way to argue against this type of logic.

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    Sublinks Aims to Be a Drop-In Replacement for Lemmy
  • I'm a long time Java developer who was recently moved to a project written in Go. All I can say is: What. The. Fuck. I swear, the people who designed the syntax must have been trying to make every wrong decision possible on purpose as a joke. The only think I can think of is that they only made design decisions on the syntax while high on shrooms or something.

    Like, why in the actual fuck does the capitalization of a function change the scope?????? Who thought that was a good idea? It's not intuitive AT ALL. Just have a public/private keyword.

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    Flyers goalie Carter Hart on indefinite leave for personal reasons
  • I personally think we should hold off on the speculation. We have seen recently with the Perry/Bedard situation how speculation, even when lighthearted here on the internet, can be extremely hurtful to the people involved. Imagine Carter Hart is ill or going through the loss of a family member, and now the internet is accusing him of sexual assault.

    I personally say we wait for more information before we start speculating wildly. Let's be better than Reddit here.

    Edit: well, it's official now. Hart's lawyers confirmed he has been accused of sexual assault.

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    Sublinks Aims to Be a Drop-In Replacement for Lemmy
  • If you have a good IDE, and Java has the best IDEs of any language I have used, then auto complete will take care of most of that for you.

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    It's too late for me. Save yourselves.
  • I live in NA, and I have one. Most tea drinkers that I know have them, too. I don't know how I could live without one.

    But I guess tea isn't as ubiquitous here. That's probably why people don't have kettles. They wouldn't use them enough to be worth the counter space.

  • [Anaheim Ducks] Zegras suffered a broken left ankle. He will undergo surgery in the near future and be out approximately six to eight weeks. Ducks Announce Injury Updates on Zegras, Mintyukov | Anaheim Ducks

    The Ducks have announced the following injury updates on forward Trevor Zegras and defenseman Pavel Mintyukov: Zegras suffered a broken left ankle in the first period Tuesday night against Nashville. He will undergo surgery in the near future and be out approximately six to eight weeks. The 22-year-...

    Ducks Announce Injury Updates on Zegras, Mintyukov | Anaheim Ducks
    [Meta] An update on the GDT bot!

    Happy New Year, [email protected]! 🎉

    As you may have noticed, the game day thread bot is back up! 🥳 For anyone that missed it, it went down because the NHL dramatically changed their API, and a good portion of the bot needed to be rewritten. I have mostly updated the bot to use the new API. A couple of caveats: 1. They no longer provide data for which goalie was in net when a goal was scored. Currently this field is empty in the posts. I might remove the column entirely if I don't find a good way to get the data (without for example looping through the whole play by play just for this one piece of data). I also might just replace it with if the net is empty or not, since info is provided. I'm definitely open to feedback on this. 2. The bot is still occasionally freezing and crashing. This will get cleaned up over time. If you notice data not updating, or any data is incorrect or wonky-looking, please take a screenshot and send it to me!

    By the way, the bot is open source! If you want to contribute by writing code, reporting issues, or even just donate beer money to me as a thank you, you can do so on the github page here.

    Seeing as this is [email protected] and not [email protected], is anyone watching the non NHL games goes on? The World Junior Championship is currently going on. The PWHL just started their inaugural season! US-based fans can watch every PWHL game for free on their Youtube channel here.

    Is there any interest in having game day threads for these non NHL games?

    Edit: OH I forgot to mention, highlight videos for goals are now attached in the game posts by the bot!

    What player do you feel is going to breakout in the New Year and crush fan's expectations?

    No hockey for the next 3 days, so this is what I'm resorting to to get my hockey fix.

    Lemmy Support Dandroid
    [Resolved!] Pictrs information

    Since the CSAM attacks, I have disabled pictrs on my instance until I can turn off caching images from other instances. However, I haven't been keeping up on pictrs development. I know there were talks about making this feature, but I am unable to find any information about pictrs and the state of development.

    Is pictrs open source? If yes, does anyone have a link to the source? If no, is there anywhere I can find information about the state of development of the project? The only thing I can find is its docker hub page here, which has a completely blank description.