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To cure disease, AI needs more of our data.
  • Hah. None of us would be able to afford such a cure. Tech Giants and Private Health Insurers together? NO THANKS. They are already exploitive, capitalistic, greedy pariahs when dealing with them individually. Together? Fak dis and fak dem!

  • Is Luka actually a championship winning player (genuine question)?
  • I think he is but his greatness has depended on his youth and talent so far. He's played a pivotal role in the last couple of playoffs at knocking out some big time contender teams.

    That being said, he's in shit shape. I think he plays Euroball when the NBA season ends so I think he's just enjoying bad dietary foods. When he shows up to training camp in Kobe shape and starts taking care of his body I think he'll get over the hump. I remember seeing a video of Dirk patting his belly playfully and poking fun but can't seem to find it.

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