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How do we disincentize car ownership?
  • I totally understand why you say this. But at the same time:

    1. Be a politician

    2. Do the right thing and invest billions in an amazing public transport system knowing it won't be used properly until much later

    3. Lose your job for wasting billions on a system nobody uses. Ensure that every other politician in the world cannot henceforth invest in public transport because "Look what happened when that other guy tried it".

    4. There is no Step 4

  • Humans didn't invent agriculture
  • I suspect the serious answer is that we produce mucus and sneezing as a natural response to microbes, and that's the environment within which microbes have evolved to take advantage of the mucus and sneezing

  • push it real good
  • It would make a lot more sense if humans could just lay some sort of egg sac which we could keep in the garage for 9 months until it hatches. I honestly don't know why biologists and geneticists haven't dealt with this by now

  • Xi is pushing climate, study shows
  • These things only become meaningful when you look at emissions per capita AND remember that China manufactures large amounts of the world's stuff. All your iPhone emissions count as China's because it was manufactured there, but they really belong to your country. Same for loads of other stuff. Careful you don't fall for the tenor of this article, because it's probably intended to distract you ("Why should I bother when China is really bad?") and keep you consuming

  • Trying to buy right size bicycle wheel online
  • If anyone finds themselves in this position, you should ignore everything else and just look at the ERTO size, which should be on the tyre itself. This is a standard way of measuring tyres and wheels, and is much better than the old ways

  • How do I stop getting the daily workout recommendations?

    I turned on the workout recommendations on my Fenix 6 Pro months ago. I've been hunting through settings on my watch and in the app, but can I find the option again?

    Could anybody put me out of my misery and remind me where the setting is?

    Newbie question: how should I interpret this bit of score?

    It seems that this score is asking me to play the same B with both hands here. I think I've spotted another piece that does this too. How should I approach this? Do I kind of acknowledge that it's indicating a continuation of the left-hand pattern but ignore that B in the left hand at this spot and play it with the right? Thanks in advance

    Smart Lock has disappeared from my Pixel - anyone else?

    I noticed today I was having to use fingerprint unlock every time I wanted to access my 6a, even though normally I use Smart Lock to keep my phone unlocked when it's near my Bluetooth watch. I just checked through the settings and Smart Lock has disappeared, as has on-body detection. Has this happened to anybody else?

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