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Mozilla rolls out first AI features in Firefox Nightly, and theyre actually useful.
  • If it was truly opt-in, it could be an extension. They should not be bundling this with the browser, bloating it more in the process.

    The extension API doesn't have enough access for this.

    You technically can run your own local AI, but they hook up to the big data-hungry ones out of the box.

    While it is opt-in and disabled by default, this is the real problem.

  • Why are Republicans/Conservatives embracing fanaticalism these days?
  • Climate change is real. We either do nothing and everything changes, or we change our way of living to save humanity. Either way, change is coming.

    There's nothing to conserve. Conservatism doesn't have a ground in facts & reality, if it ever had. Hence conservatism now fights fanatically for its own survival, and capitalism survival, at the behest cost of all us, the progress that humanity has achieved so far, and the planet that we all share.

  • Quarter of political donations in EU go to extremist and populist parties, data reveals
  • Opinions that try to break societies' democratic contract are not worth anything at all. You break your side of the democratic contract by working for our war enemies, or break the fundamental rights of society, dont expect the rest of society to give a damn. That's how tolerance works. It is a contract.

  • ‘A catastrophe’: Greenpeace blocks planting of ‘lifesaving’ Golden Rice
  • The idea is to extinguish the other variants, get into a monoculture, and in the future have them completely at Monsanto's will. This product is patented. There's no need for patented grains here. They can be helped through many other means and produces.

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