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Microsoft won't update your Windows 11 PC if it has these apps
  • Wasn't the entire point of not using "Windows 9" branding and instead going straight to "Windows 10" from 8 that they didn't want the last version of Windows to be 9, that they preferred a nice round number.

  • Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. +1million unit sold [plus more stats]
  • I'm not a DRG superfan and didn't expect to enjoy this, but the progression feels very solid and it's a lot of fun. Surprisingly addictive.

    While it's not DRG, it feels extremely faithful to the original game and doesn't have that "too-vampire-survivorsish" feel that some of these games suffer from.

    I can't really pin down what makes it so playable - my best guess is the pacing of the upgrades and the mix of the 4 classes feels like it's just right. Tunnelling through walls (and the mining speed upgrades) is also a particularly interesting mechanic.

  • ChatGPT with Voice made me forget I was talking to an AI
  • This is an old message I only just noticed, but maybe that's better anyway....

    ...because my ChatGPT app is up to date and doesn't have a headphone icon to the right of the text box. There's a soundwave icon that lets me use speech to text, but that's not what this is.

  • Spotify plans to raise prices this year and introduce new plans - news
  • Can I play devil's advocate a little bit here, because I was really unaware that this ever worked for anything except indie artists on Bandcamp. So Bandcamp works for them or for discovering new music obviously.

    I didn't know artists ever sold digital music on their websites, but that does make sense, so I checked - if I google Taylor Swift and go to her website, there it is, digital music purchase. Great.

    I went to U2's website, and the only music I can buy there is vinyl. I don't want vinyl, I want digital. You can buy merch, but I'm after music, not merch. Looking further, there's all sorts of galleries and information about each album and song, but you still can't buy the music.

    Other mainstream artists I googled didn't even go that far. Googling them brought up a wikipedia link, social media links, tours. All stuff I don't want. Now your list has "contact artist via social media" - setting aside the fact that it's unlikely a popular mainstream artist will even reply to anyone at all about anything, this is a real point of friction. I don't want to have to contact an artist to find out some alternative way to get their music. If I'm buying something online, there needs to be some way to buy it online and ready to go. If we have to wait a couple of days or weeks for a reply that may or may not come - the process failed.

    If I had to guess, they would probably say something like "it's on spotify".

    So yes it probably is a supplier problem, but it seems to me that this is happening for the majority of popular artists if a majority of music people like is mainstream. I assume if you like the majority of indie music then that's probably not the case.

  • Discord: Improving Our Mobile Experience
  • They created the "inbox" button on the desktop client because when you're in a ton of servers, finding where the notification was a big pain point. The notifications tab covers the same thing for the app, and it's very readily accessible now. I think before the update it still took about 3 taps to get to the "Inbox", and only then if you knew where it was hiding.

  • Discord: Improving Our Mobile Experience
  • I just signed up and tried to figure out how to join any remotely interesting community. There were none.

    There were a bunch of public communities - not many - and I think the most interesting ones in the public room list were either Element Android, Telegram, and Rust. And Rust is one of my most hated games that I wish I'd refunded.

  • Discord: Improving Our Mobile Experience
  • Why doesn't Matrix just call "spaces" servers? By calling them spaces, they have created a learning curve for no reason.

    Even just saying you have to download a client called Element to access Matrix is not intuitive. To access Discord, you download a client called Discord.

  • Discord: Improving Our Mobile Experience
  • They ban everyone who attempt to use a custom client?

    I've been using Betterdiscord for years and have never been banned. Matrix looks good, but I don't think you're selling it well by throwing Discord under the bus without some very clear and obvious justification - nobody will be inclined to believe you.

  • Discord: Improving Our Mobile Experience
  • Do you have discord open on your desktop PC?

    10+ minutes sounds like about the amount of time it takes for discord to recognise you're away (ie. auto-away status). If it thinks you're there (ie. online status), then it shouldn't be also pinging your phone. It's the same as when you have discord on your phone and open and it doesn't ping you with every message while you're already looking at it.

    I just had a look at Matrix and it seems that the settings let you choose between Off/On/Noisy. Apps like whatsapp default and keep you stuck on "Noisy".

  • [Zelda II]I did it!
  • But couldn't you go to where the alternative dungeon's keys are, get those and come back to get the earlier dungeon's item that way?

    I can't see how you can softlock?

  • so do you think the rumors are true about Heroes of the Storm?
  • HotS isn't really dead - you can play it now and it feels as good as ever. We all want to see continued balance patches and more cosmetics and heroes and maps but the fact is that it already feels balanced and has enough cosmetics and enough heroes and enough maps.

    That's not to say we won't love more or that we may as well stop playing it, but the real question you're asking here is if the game is dead - it is not dead, and therefore won't "return". You just load it up, pick a hero, click Ready - and it's "returned".

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