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Photon v1.28.0 - Themes!
  • hello this is my test comment from now on.

    • markdown test, but it's gonna be multiple lines. this is to see how well photon will handle multi-line stuff like this

    • this is another test

  • You wouldn’t get it
  • immutable objects, i like functional programming

  • You wouldn’t get it
  • yes.

  • You wouldn’t get it
  • i hate this programming pattern with a passion.

  • Photon beta
  • Yes, you can also use the github

  • Photon beta
  • Yea that's a good idea

  • Photon beta
  • Ya i've been trying to find a way to make all menus on mobile be a drawer in the center

  • Google Messages preps single-line text field redesign after all your complaints [Gallery]
  • This ruined the message sending animations, finally

  • How many communities are you subscribed to?
  • Doesn't have to be installed on your instance, you can also use the official web app instance. It's very similar to how Voyager works.

  • How many communities are you subscribed to?
  • The photon UI supports every instance at, your instance doesn't have to officially support it.

  • Gruvbox Theme
  • Nice theme!

  • Google Pixel 9 design revealed through 5K renders
  • Noo what did they do to the visor

    it looked so good before

  • Android 15 prepares revamped status bar with new icons and haptics
  • Those are not material icons, please don't google

    hopefully these are just a test or something

  • was this not allowed before?
  • Might want to mark this as sarcasm

  • A new future for Photon

    Photon Announces Revamped Design

    We're thrilled to unveil a significant redesign of Photon, the user interface for the fediverse! Since its inception, Photon has strived to make the fediverse more accessible with a user-friendly design.

    Mono-Light addresses a key request from our community: increased information density. This redesign allows you to view more content at a glance, streamlining your fediverse experience.

    Here's a glance at our new design:


    As you can see, every UI element has been streamlined while still remaining beautiful. You can see so much more at once, with no sacrifice to usability. Got fat fingers? just cut a bit of it off.

    You can expect this new design to roll out by the end of today, April 1st.


    No offense to the mlmym devs. Photon users want a clean UI, while mlmym users want an information dense, old reddit like UI.

    Android 15 could revamp the volume panel and make it collapsible
  • finally, it looked very outdated compared to the rest of the UI

  • Looking for suggestions for a new (to me) device. Help appreciated!
  • Pixel 7a might be what you want at $499, with many sales. Great software, decent hardware. You could wait for the pixel 8a coming later this year which probably will have better hardware.

  • Nord theme for Photon

    I don't really like Nord themes so I won't personally use this but here you go:


    Photon v1.28.0 - Themes!


    • Add custom theme support
      • Access from the settings page or clicking "Color scheme" in main menu
      • Instance themes are coming later
    • add pasting images directly into comments
    • fix sidebar collapsing stuff

    Try a theme

    To import/make a theme, go to settings > theming. You can also click "color scheme" in the main menu.

    I made a catppuccin theme for photon. Import this:


    and voila! This theme only changes dark mode colors right now.

    Catppuccin for Photon

    This theme only works in dark theme for now

    Theme (importable in Photon v1.28.0+)


    Photon v1.27.0

    This was mostly a bug fix and polish update

    • Fix assymetrical buttons on mobile
    • Make posts that fit maximum height expanded by default
    • Fix and close #248 (Highlighting text and clicking link should wrap text in link)
    • Add community and user banners
    • Performance: make docker server use bun instead of node
    • Migrate to Sveltekit 2
    • Improve post vote hitboxes
    • Add a loading spinner for photon instances where SSR is off
    • and more!

    Full Changelog:

    [neutron POLL] this is a test poll


    🍏 apple ::: This is an example of option 1

    🍌 banana ::: This is an example of option 2

    🍊 orange ::: This is an example of option 3


    Photon v1.25.0

    What's Changed

    • Add to the instance list by @ngn13 in
    • Upgrade mono-svelte to v0.4.3
    • Redesign main menu
    • Add icon and banners to admin config
    • Fix community settings button appearing when it shouldn't

    New Contributors

    • @ngn13 made their first contribution in

    Full Changelog:


    Alt text: a Christmas inflatable decoration of a snowman on top of a mug labeled "hot cocoa"

    Photon community has moved to

    The Photon community has moved from to, because it's getting difficult to have to keep my old instance online.

    All updates and questions should go here from now on!

    Trying to narrow down an extremely infuriating issue with Mesa on an AMD GPU

    I have a few questions, please comment if you match all of most of these:

    • Do you use an RX 6000 series GPU?

    • Do you experience random freezes when playing games?

    • Are those freezes a "page fault"? (Use journalctl to check)

    • Do these issues occur in OpenGL games?

    • Are the page faults a GCVM_PROTECTION_FAULT?

    • What mesa version do you use?

    • What Linux distro do you use?

    I've been having frequent freezes and it renders my operating system nearly unusable. I have to restart my computer to recover, and I lose all of my unsaved work.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? Do you use an RX 6000 card on Linux but have not had this issue?

    Photon v1.23.0: YouTube embeds!

    Photon now supports viewing YouTube links, in app!

    • feat: YouTube embeds
      • in order not to wreck your bandwidth, you must click to view (configurable)
    • Feature: allow instance selection on modlog page by @0xCmdrKeen in #199
    • feat: fix and re-add crosspost combining
    • docker: switch to node-alpine image for faster builds

    Full Changelog:

    Photon v1.21.0

    sorry for no updates in a while, took a bit of a break

    • feat: Combine crossposts in a feed into one post
      • A button will be visible to expand them
    • feat: Setting to open posts in new tab
    • fix: weird comment editing bug on ctrl + enter
    • misc: switch docker image to node-slim
    • fix: centering in post pages

    Full Changelog:

    Should loud cars be banned?

    (does not reflect my opinion, just thought it looked funny)

    Less hostile when in context.

    Taken from a YouTube channel called Not Just Bikes.

    Photography Xylight (Photon Dev)
    Got a photo of the partial eclipse!

    Taken on a pixel 6 so not very high quality

    Xylight Xylight (Photon Dev)

    I am the developer of the Photon client. Try it out at

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