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The People Deliberately Killing Facebook
  • Many people understand this, but understanding helps them in nothing at all. What they want is social media where they aren't the product, and that's not an option, not even when paying.

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    U.K. forces Google to remove websites selling gender-affirming medications
  • ...what part of the comparison you have issue with? That trans people are a marginalized group, or that what they are seeking is not nearly as harmful, yet authorities making an issue out of it regardless.

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    U.K. forces Google to remove websites selling gender-affirming medications
  • You are right, I don't know you. But if you are so good-hearted deep inside, why would you call trans people narcissistic for trying to address the unfairness of life by their own means?

    Yet for all you say of me not knowing you, you don't seem to be trying to understand anyone else either. All you have to show are the shallowest platitudes you can think of.

    You are right, life is unfair. Which is exactly why you can't count on governments providing what you need, why people might need to figure it out on their own. In light of that, is it really so shocking that people may resort to illegal means? Yet even that is being taken away.

    You don't seem to have a drop of sympathy for that, you don't know or care about what severe gender dysphoria may be like, you talk of it as if it was merely denying them a luxury. No, this is not the sort of thing that may be alleviated treated by "eating healthier" or "access to transportation".

    Frankly, all this pearl-clutching about illegality and regulation sounds like something from someone who believes society is far more ideal than it really is. Or is your point just "get fucked when you are told to"? Because that's the only way I can see conciliating the inherent unfairness of life with strict adherence to the rules.

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    U.K. forces Google to remove websites selling gender-affirming medications
  • The very first thing I showed you is that the legitimate channels are unusable.

    But hey, it wouldn't be the first time "illegal drug sales" are used as a pretext to attack undesirable populations.

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    U.K. forces Google to remove websites selling gender-affirming medications
  • Spoken as someone who haven't ever bothered to talk to trans people or read about them a single day of your life. Consistently studies and accounts from transgender people indicate that gender transition diminishes the rates of suicide and suicidal ideation.

    But it shows how little you know that the best you have to say is "sometimes life sucks for other people too". Guess what, this isn't about you. No idea why you are even so invested in the risks and needs related to something that has nothing to do with you. Because clearly it isn't out of care for other people.

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    U.K. forces Google to remove websites selling gender-affirming medications
  • Always lovely when people pull the "it's a tiny percent of people so whatever happens to them doesn't matter". So are disabled people. So are people with rare illnesses.

    But who do you think is even going after gender-affirming hormones in the first place? It's an unbearable risk for everyone else but whatever happens to trans people without it doesn't matter. Funny how that is...

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    U.K. forces Google to remove websites selling gender-affirming medications
  • Except that the UK is also obstructing proper avenues to get them too.

    Transgender patients facing a years-long wait for NHS gender care are being handed a "death sentence", says the mum of a trans woman who took her own life.

    Data obtained by Newsnight and analysed by the BBC found it would take 10 years to clear the backlog of people waiting for first appointments in gender care.

    Mind you that gender affirming treatment can be the difference between life and death for trans people. So, they can't rely on public services, and they can't take matters into their own hands. So, the idea here is "be rich or don't be trans"?

  • ByteDance prefers TikTok shutdown in US if legal options fail, sources say
  • No?

    The way you are speaking it's as if they mean to close down the whole thing. There is a whole rest of the world for them to operate in. Sure losing the US market would be a huge detriment, but the owners still might rather have it everywhere else, than keep it running in the US in someone else's hands.

  • Instagram Advertises Nonconsensual AI Nude Apps
  • Does it seem to you that people are becoming more likely to verify sources?

    Nevermind, like I just said before, how exactly do you verify fake porn with the source? Who is going to be volunteering their intimate pictures as reference? Or, do you really think all that it takes to avoid all issues is for the victim to say "that's fake, it's not me"?

    Frankly, that sounds like pure wishful thinking to me.

  • Instagram Advertises Nonconsensual AI Nude Apps
  • But it doesn't. Nobody who is harassed or has their prospects undermined because of AI fakes is helped by repeating that. Especially because as the technology advances the only way to verify its legitimacy will be to compare it with real intimate pictures, which the person cannot show without being exposed to the exact same treatment.

    It also doesn't help that gossip can do all that harm as well so the point is moot.

    Trying to point out that this is illogical and that nudes shouldn't even be such a big deal is an uphill battle against human emotional, social and cultural tendencies. It would take much more than some offhand comments to affect it at all, and I wouldn't count on that shift happening before the harms of AI fakes spread.

  • LittleBigPlanet 3 Servers Are Officially Shut Down Indefinitely, Sony Confirms
  • It's work to do anything, but we routinely see small indie studios managing to release player-hosted games just fine, while large studios don't bother. Even though it also costs them more to run all the servers on their own. So I'm not so sure it's just a matter of saving costs.

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