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Our president walks very normally
  • Genocide Joe walks like a Sims vampire.

  • Nearly 1 million in Texas still without power 5 days after Hurricane Beryl
  • It's because they do everything the best in Texas. So they have their own electrical grid, with blackjack and surge pricing.

  • Caption this.
  • Damn it, you beat me by 90 seconds.

  • Good thing they added the triangle. Otherwise I would have missed the tank.
  • I can't believe you just posted an antisemitism by triangling the tank.

  • NSFW
  • Is this Loss?

  • Today I met a white American who had lib opinions on Gaza. I finally got to say "Read Settlers liberal" in real life.
  • InfraWiki

    Oof. That's American NazBol Wiki, in a nutshell. You can safely assume the opposite of what's written there is actually true.

  • NSFW
    My god - what a hard hitting attack ad! Joe's taken the gloves off!

    e: I am a LIB and refuse to link Skibdi Biden to anybody.

  • NSFW
    Which way Western man ?
  • Oh wowie I love being advertised to via my memes! Thanks, Obvious Plant! I'll buy a sticker!

  • الحمد لله
  • LOL

    Outside of a handful of franchisee markets, KFC Canada hasn't had pork products on the menu since the Double Down was a thing over a decade ago.

  • الحمد لله
  • How different is Kosher and Halal?

    Well, the biggest difference is that kosher slaughter is performed by person trained to kill animals in accordance with Jewish law. Halal slaughter, on the other hand, is performed by a person trained to kill animals in accordance with Muslim law—and they say the name Allah during the process!!!! Otherwise the processes are virtually indistinguishable. Notably, maximization of animal suffering is a key element to both.

  • 1 2 3 4 4 6 7 7 1(2/7)
  • It's difficult to tell the difference between the studs and the sciovs. For more information, see Step Reverse Σ.

  • He was a 6'7" bear and held 330 pounds in his bear pants. He had big bulky bear arms and a bare chest that looked like bear armor that could bear a thousand bullets from a bearrorist operative.

    He had a thick beard and a sea-deep voice that sounded like the bear howl of metal geared bears scratching against each other's bared bits. His bared jaw was cut in a perfect 90° angle, almost as overbearing as his piercing eyes. His smile, when be bared his teeth—

    Argentinian Libertarian senator proposes child market legalization
  • When I said the government should invest in childrens futures, this isn't what I meant.

  • retro consoles
  • The PS3 is a retro console.

    That's an affordable Blu-ray player.

  • Inside Hexbear are two wolves
  • ha ha ha what the fuck internet-delenda-est

  • Check out this dope ass saurid

    Fingies are for cowards. Koleken inakayal is a true apex predator.

    All of my kids now have Hexbear accounts.

    And all of them have good enough opsec to never acknowledge their dad with terrible opsec.