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Ohio Megachurch Pastor Literally Kicks Bible From Stage As Part Of Super Bowl Sunday Themed Service
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    45% of Americans Say U.S. Should Be a ‘Christian Nation’
  • the more nuanced and relatively benign idea that everyone should be converted to Christianity and in that sense be a “Christian” nation while nominally maintaining separation of church and state.

    Forcible conversion and theocracy is benign and nuanced to you?

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    supportive father rule
  • Don't sell yourself short. You are an ally, you are helping. Just not the side you think you are.

    And just like your fellow regressives, you desperately reject reality until it personally affects you.

    I just hope that when it does, it isn't someone else who pays that price for you.

    Have a good day.

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    supportive father rule
  • I didn't, but only through luck. If we weren't lucky, I would have had to kill them, or more likely I would have had to try to.

    Apparently since I don't approve of killing people I have to list all the incountable ways that you can deal with all kinds of negative confrontations without resorting to literally killing someone.

    Please, do tell me how I could have managed to deal with multiple drunk guys cornering and trying to beat/stab us to death.

    This has been a very stupid day defending the most basic idea that maybe we shouldn't just kill people and maybe we shouldn't fantasize about killing people.

    I think what's even more stupid, is coming into a community of vulnerable people, and telling them that by defending themselves from aggressors makes them bad people, that they'll have blood on their hands and they won't be able to live with themselves.

    I honestly think you're either one of two things: You're either an alt right troll, or worse, you're someone who thinks themselves an ally, but has absolutely zero practical experience in the matter.

    I mean anyone who says the following:

    If self defense was really the goal why didn't the father gift their child a bullet proof vest or a shield or pepper spray or a taser or any other of the myriad options that exist in the real world to defend yourself from attackers?

    Is either trolling, or unintentionally trying to get people killed through bad advice.

    Either way, you're helping the regressives, not us.

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    supportive father rule
  • If in the act of defending yourself, you kill somebody, is that objectively a good righteous thing? Is that not a bloody stain on the world? Will there not be blood on your hands?

    What is your alternative then? Let's hear it.

    If some transphobe/homophobe/racist/etc corners me and my family/friends (again), what should I do according to you? I'm curious.

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    Retiring House Republican says $174,000 isn't enough money for members of Congress: 'Most of us don't have wealth'
  • Not even close. Very poor strawman attempt.

    Not really a strawman attempt, I just likened it to a very similar situation.

    But if that's what it takes to convince yourself that you're right, sure.

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    Hackers can infect network-connected wrenches to install ransomware
  • Imagine non-network wrench situation:

    "The FAA has grounded all Boeing 737 Max 9 jets today after a massive decompression event occurred on Alaska Airlines at 16,000 ft. The door plug blew out of the jet at altitude. United Airlines has reported, after inspection, loose bolts the door plug of several of its Boeing 737 Max 9 jets as it continues to inspect every one if its 79 jets in its fleet."

    What's the ratio of boeing door decompressions to IoT devices being hacked?

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    Retiring House Republican says $174,000 isn't enough money for members of Congress: 'Most of us don't have wealth'
  • That's the same logic as prople saying we should keep the churches tax free, so they don't interfere in politics, even thoigh they're tax free now and already interfering with politics.