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The Stanford Internet Observatory is being dismantled | House Republicans attacked the lab’s reports on misinformation and election integrity — and now Stanford is pulling the plug
  • I find that excuse defeatist. If a wealthy, affluent, historical institution doesn't stand up and prevent another institution from abusing power who can? It's not like the media who were slowly neutered by their owners. They can and should do better.

    Maybe a government grant via an EO can help with the legal costs?

  • Automakers Want AM Radios Out of Cars. Congress Is About to Require Them
  • If AM broadcasts lose listeners due to the bands removal from vehicles, they will also likely lose income from marketing and other revenue streams. I assume AM radio is already in a precarious entertainment space and doubt they want more risk.

  • An Idealistic Cop, a Forbidden Ticket and a Police Career on the Brink
  • This tries to make it sound like he was making a stand for the right thing when he allowed many card holders go.

    It's one of the few that he actually wrote a ticket to that bit him on the ass and now for some reason The Times is doing this saintly write up on him.

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