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About the ads thing in 128
  • No, he's illustrating that opt in is the best of both worlds here. Users get protections of privacy and advertisers get the info that they need while not being able to violate the privacy of people visiting a website.

  • The community won the battle, so PvP battler Fishards is now open source
  • Perhaps you are incapable of understanding tongue in cheek humor.

    Stop being a reactionary single cell for a change and think rationally for a moment.

  • The community won the battle, so PvP battler Fishards is now open source
  • The idea that they would have actually deleted game is a little naive.

  • Biden at peace if he loses to Trump: "As long as I gave it my all"
  • A reminder that FiveThirtyEight really nailed that 2016 polling. Totally nailed that shit.

    You can say im arguing in bad faith (I'm not), but you are completely missing the point. Those points are:

    The polling is off. It's been off and only gotten worse since 2016.

    Replacing an incumbent president 4 months before an election is an objectively fucking stupid idea. Do you want trump to win? Because that's exactly how you make it a certainty that trump wins.

  • Biden at peace if he loses to Trump: "As long as I gave it my all"
  • A "web panel"? You are suggesting that polling done via "web panel" is reliable?

    So, these's this bridge that I've been meaning to show you. It seems right up your alley, it's cheap too!

    Edit: fuck me, is this a fucking twitter poll???

    Double edit: nope, a twitter poll would actually be more reliable.

  • Biden at peace if he loses to Trump: "As long as I gave it my all"
  • In the voting booth, incumbents ALWAYS have a MASSIVE advantage.

    Polling is incredibly unreliable. That is people that pick up the phone and talk to pollsters. Do you know anyone under 60 who does that? Additionally, a lot of those calls are on landlines. How many people do you know who have landlines? How many of those are under 60?

    The polls are heavily skewed towards boomers. This is the last election where boomers will be relevant. Millennials and Gen Z matter more in this election than ever before.

    Replacing an incumbent 3-4 months before an election is the stupidest fucking idea since trickle down economics.

  • Biden at peace if he loses to Trump: "As long as I gave it my all"
  • I suggest you look up presidential approval rating statistics for 2nd term races.

  • Biden at peace if he loses to Trump: "As long as I gave it my all"
  • At this point, no one else can. Straight up. To think otherwise is fucking delusional and demonstrates a lack of knowledge of us politics and it's populace.

  • Biden at peace if he loses to Trump: "As long as I gave it my all"
  • GTFOH with this bullshit.

    It's really a shame that the President makes every single decision on his own and handles absolutely everything by himself. It would be a better system if we had some sort of "cabinet" of advisiors all focused on different areas of running the country. It would be more like an "administration" instead of just what we have, which is one single guy who does everything and look, Biden is too old to do all that. If only there was some other way that he could have some assistance....

  • A Rant about Front-end Development
  • And the church said? Amen!

    Preach it, brudder!

  • Firefox now lets you choose your preferred AI chatbot in its Nightly builds
  • They are still a nonprofit. Op was being monstrously hyperbolic.

  • Google disrupted YouTube video playback on Firefox, again - gHacks Tech News
  • The source is available and open for anyone to view.

    The license protects the product while allowing anyone who wants to poke through the code.

  • What the heck is a god dang cloud?
  • "use the link or cancel the attachment"

    The criteria where you would want to "cancel the attachment" here, is when a link would have been inserted in it's stead.

    I'm not upset. I am utterly bewildered at how a (presumably) functional adult in 2024 doesn't understand basic email or how cloud drives work.

    In looking back I realize that you're one of those people who confuse emphasis with anger. I can't really help you there. Out of curiosity, are you the type of person that reads a sentence with a period at the end as aggressive in a text message?

    You say something like: "I think we should do x"

    Person replies as: "Ok that should be fine."

    Do you read the response as aggressive (active or passive)?

  • upgrade windows home to windows pro
  • Keysfox. Google it. Buy a grey market key for 15 bucks.

  • What the heck is a god dang cloud?
  • The root issue is that you cannot understand how replacing an attachment that is too large with a link to that file that the recipient can then click, is a fairly elegant way to avoid issues for IT.

  • What the heck is a god dang cloud?
  • If that were the case, it would confuse users. It would be flooded with tickets about the weird notification that they got and didn't read and how they can't attach files anymore.

    "Cancel the link attachment"???

    Fucking press backspace! Jesus Christ, did you just get your first computer ever? I'm getting the picture that critical thinking isn't really your forte.

  • What the heck is a god dang cloud?
  • Nope, I just deal with OneDrive support constantly and I can say definitively that it's pretty decent at what it does, and if the links you are getting or sending are not working, it is your fault.

    If you want to bitch about something substantive, how about bitching about how 365 has like 20 admin panels that are opaque about what they are and what they do, terrible menu layouts in those menus, etc.

    That stuff is a very real problem.

    Some boomer who can't figure out how cloud drives work is not a real issue.

  • What the heck is a god dang cloud?
  • If the links don't work, that is a "you" problem.

  • Grandma’s church says Trump is all of us. She liked and shared. #LIBSinPRISON
  • The 2 headed one on the left is some nightmare fuel.

  • Biden "running out" of patience with Bibi as Gaza war hits 100 days

    As I have repeatedly said... Just because Biden has repeated the US company line of unequivocal support for Israel, etc etc (Because even among democrats it's political suicide to say anything else). That doesn't mean that he hasn't been trying the entire time to get Israel to stop the bullshit. This is more or less a point for point list of a lot of the things that have been tried. It misses quite a few of the more notable ones, but it grabs enough so that you get the idea.

    Palestinian girl filming Israeli soldiers gets shot at in the West Bank Palestinian_girl_filming_Israeli_soldiers_gets_sho_17r6zjd

    Watch "Palestinian_girl_filming_Israeli_soldiers_gets_sho_17r6zjd" on Streamable.


    So let me refer to my "stop using antisemitic words" chart...

    The Little Girl "Hamas Militant" was Filming "Threatening with a deadly weapon" Israeli soldiers from the safety of her own Home "Hamas Base".

    CS2: Twerk into accidental tk headshot CS2: Twerk into accidental tk headshot

    Watch "CS2: Twerk into accidental tk headshot" on Streamable.

    CS2: Twerk into accidental tk headshot

    Was funny as hell

    Rep. Porter Quotes Speaker McCarthy for Why the GOP Impeachment Inquiry is Illegitimate

    Top youtube comment: "This lady just slices, dices, and makes julienne fries out of republicans. "

    Rep. Crockett: GOP is blind to Trump keeping documents 'in the shitter' Rep. Crockett: GOP is blind to Trump keeping documents 'in the s------'

    Rep. Jasmine Crockett, D-Texas, criticized Republicans for pursuing an impeachment inquiry against President Biden while claiming they were turning a blind eye to former President Trump's handling of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Wat...

    Rep. Crockett: GOP is blind to Trump keeping documents 'in the s------'

    2 Minutes of Rep. Crockett dressing down republicans and their pathetic attempt to use smoke and mirrors in order to impeach Biden, you love to see it.

    California orders bottled water firm to stop drawing from natural springs California orders bottled water firm to stop drawing from natural springs

    BlueTriton, the company that owns Arrowhead brand, has been taking water from San Bernardino springs for more than 100 years

    California orders bottled water firm to stop drawing from natural springs

    How the fuck we haven't kicked these companies out of California yet completely baffles me.

    Does anyone know of a trustworthy and curated list of qanon sites that I can use for my pihole(s)?

    So, until recently, I have been using

    However, as some issues that I have opened have shown, there are a bunch of left wing and progressive sites on this list ( ). I no longer think that it is trustworthy. Especially after reading some of the repo owners replies. Intentionally added was which is a generic url for any telegram group. was on it at one point.

    Oy Vey. It's clear to me that the owner of this repo is not actually spending much time actually curating this list and instead it's just a shotgun approach. Does anyone know of a good alternative?

    LMG are some Shady ass motherfuckers. Look at this shit...

    You know, this is some shit that I expect when dealing with some shady asshole on ebay, but LMG?

    Bro... Are you ok?

    I always wondered if Linus was actually a slimy POS, but this Billet Labs situation has cemented it for me. If you haven't watched the Gamers Nexus followup video, definitely watch it.

    Gamers Nexus - HW News - Linus Tech Tips' Terrible Response

    The Problem with LMG

    My personal thoughts

    At first it came off a bit whiney, but I watched the entire thing and I'm glad I did. It shows a pattern of carelessness and in some cases complete douchebaggery of LMG.

    What they did to Billet Labs is absolutely un-fucking excusable. LMG and Linus, in particular, needs to be mercilessly shamed for that until Billet Labs gets a clear and unequivocal apology and paid restitution for damages. Fucking shameful. What a bunch of pricks.

    Video Description

    This video is not monetized. This video covers our serious concerns regarding the data accuracy of Linus Media Group, including Linus Tech Tips, ShortCircuit, and TechQuickie, particularly as it relates to rushing content out the door to favor -- by staff's own admission -- quantity over quality. As the company continues to expand into its LTT Labs direction, the importance of accurate data increases; however, even as 'only' entertainment, there are still certain responsibilities to the consumer and the manufacturers to report fairly (and to have defined corrections processes in place). We tried to approach this as objectively as possible and hope that viewers are able to listen to the evidence we present, particularly as it relates to significant and frequent data errors that now present in nearly every technical review video.

    The Insane Plot Armor of Cats

    I love this video so much 😂

    Let's talk about Trump's continuing social media mess.... Let's talk about Trump's continuing social media mess....

    Support via Patreon: The Roads with Beau: Check out the store. Stickers, mugs, hoodies, shirts, etc. Check out the podcast:

    Let's talk about Trump's continuing social media mess....

    Beau of the Fifth Column discusses Trump's truth social post, the DOJ's response, and more...

    Mark Rober vs Thea Ulrich's Glitter Bomb Puzzle Mark Rober VS My Glitter Bomb

    Will @MarkRober as in, the internet's most FAMOUS glitter bomber figure out my puzzle?? Or....will he finally get glitter bombed himself?? I hand deliver a huge glitter bomb puzzle to Mark Rober and PUT HIM TO THE TEST. CONNECT WITH ME ON IG: @theaulrich MY INSANELY SKILLED TEAM: Mechatronic...

    Mark Rober VS My Glitter Bomb

    Thea Ulrich made a glitter bomb puzzle for former NASA engineer and glitter enthusiast Mark Rober to solve with hilarious results

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