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What are some insults in english that will make non-native speakers have to ask someone their meaning?
  • Believe me i've already logged off. If this shit happened in an org I would have resigned out of disgust.

    EDIT: "don't darken my inbox again" 🤨 Is that really the kind of language you want to be using in this conversation? I think you have your own soul searching to be doing, if this 'log off' rant is any indication to be going off of, you probably do, because this the kind of thing that's indistinguishable from twitter fascists who think they're leftists yet spend more energy attacking the left than they do the right. Talks the big talk but routinely side with nazis whenever push comes to shove.

  • Romani.

    An edited conservative cartoon with the bottom two panels cut out and with extremely low quality. The first person has the man saying "All Americans are racist" which causes the lady to respond with "I'm European" The quality of the image drops even further and becomes deep fried in the second panel as the man responds "Romani" and the lady's eye twitches. In the original comic the lady explodes and the man responds with "works every time" however this is omitted from this version for increased irony.

    The joke is that Europeans don't think that they're racist because they don't hate the same people Americans do, but when they are reminded of a people they do hate, they instantly turn into nazis about it.

    Morish Morals
  • Jerma: That is the single most fucked up thing I have ever seen, the single most- get me a seat. Right now, I want a seat for that table. ... chat i'm not going to eat the rocks, I'm not gonna do it. That would be- why would I eat the rocks? It's a rock, it's going to be crunchy and hard and it's not going to taste good, and I- you know what, mods ban that guy. I don't wanna see them, time em out for... 3 minutes. Get em outta here.

  • the struggle
  • The idea of taking a complicated system and boiling it down to an essential value (or set of values) that describe everything is high-key fascism. It's fine to simplify a system to better understand it, but the moment you start saying these abstractions have any kind of predictive capability outside their original contexts, that's when you start getting into the eugenics shit.

  • the struggle
  • I remembered doing that when I did my first foray into dating and I remembered putting it on the same level of "what kind of dere are you" Obviously I took all of that shit down because it was turning everyone the fuck off and I didn't even like it in the first place.

  • the struggle
  • INTJ is the "Libertarian Left" of quack psychology; the test is set up to put people in that category so they feel special, and annoying people with no personality fall for it every single time because it's the closest thing they will ever have to an identity outside "video games" and "weed"

  • They've managed to combine greenwashing AND indigewashing

    Context: Advertisement on youtube

    Alt: Empower Indigenous Energy: Federal Indigenous loan guarantee program must include oil and gas: Sponsored - Canadian Energy Centre

    It would seem that Zionism has infiltrated's modteam

    I've sent in my appeal and i'm sure the removal will be quickly reversed, it's still very extremely disturbing such a thing could happen.

    Guide to Votes on Lemmy
    • This is a good quality post [8 up, 0 down]
    • This is a good quality post whose author is being harassed by some weirdo [8 up, 1 down]
    • This comment is part of a heated argument that's 8 comments deep [1 up, 1 down]
    • This is a political post. Communists and Nazis are fighting over if it's a good post or if it's the actual spawn of Satan [8 up, 8 down]
    • This comment has been removed by the moderators [0 up, 8 down]
    • The poster immediately regretted posting this [0 up, 0 down]

    Next row

    • [8 up, ? down (down arrow is smaller)] This instance hides downvotes so you can't tell if it's actually a good post or if it's just a part of some circlejerk
    • [8 up, 0 down (down arrow is sideways)] This is loss
    • [9 up (arrow is sideways), 11 down] This is a national tragedy
    • [Two arrows pointing at each other with ?s above them] Two people are accusing each other and you don't know which one is right so you just kinda don't vote on this one
    • [69 up, 42 down] Regardless of the quality of the post, you dare not disrupt the delicate balance of such a specimen by voting
    • [69 up, 43 down] God fucking damn it.
    "New" tab between Local and All [Feature Request]

    This tab works like Subscribed only in reverse; it only shows stuff from comms you're not subscribed to. Perfect for finding new content to subscribe to without needing to sift through All.

    In-line context functionality [Feature Request]

    Kind of like how you can do [in-line links](to link people to a website), allow the user to use the same syntax to create contextual information that appears when the [user mouses over](Similar to alt-text on an image). This way users who know the context won't have to slog through a tedious wall of text while those who don't can optionally bring themselves up to speed. For clarity sake in-line context will be a different color to a link, and those on mobile (or desktop) can click it to expand out the contained text as if it was part of the original comment.

    EDIT: it might be a good idea to potentially use different syntax so that you can link websites within in-line context.

    They're just Light Emitting Diodes!!!

    Patchy the pirate: That's it? That was the [Solar] Power?

    That was just [Light Emitting Diodes]

    Context: The meme is a play on the version where patchy the pirate complains about steam power just being boiling water, which is itself a play on Patchy being disappointed at the SpongeBob lost episode just being 'cheap walk cycles'

    Solar panels work through reversing the process in which LEDs produce light, quite literally being made from special LED designed to work in reverse. All diodes can do this to an extent, but solar panel LEDs are especially good at it.

    The War of Terrorism
    Alt Text

    Soldier saluting in front of an American flag with the text:

    I'm Joining the War on Terrorism

    On the side of the Terrorists

    This is an American counterpart to the Karl Marx "I'm joining the war on drugs, on the side of the drugs" meme

    Mastodon Plays Pokemon

    Every 1 hour the bot takes the previous top voted action and performs it then pastes the screen and begins the next vote in an "exhilarating 1 frame per hour" playthrough of Pokemon Gold. You get pinged when the vote ends. If nothing is voted on, it picks at random.

    So far Mastodon named themselves FRY, attempted to pull an item out of the PC but instead exited the menu and went downstairs.

    There are one types of programmers

    Those who remember to include the terminator and those who don't‹Ñ%¼ñ´ K±}¼i6ÊÿŽñͧÎ3='SØ@íÂkñIødKº^îµ$xïÀY>â9Â3›cã‹òØoÎcs<V™GW<V+­Ñµöx,”Ç9ôd ±i^d­lˆ7Çc ÿêq®•ÇŽXõ"ë¬ææÁøƒØ1ȾÁ•³â±Y±ºÁX­%щÕÆfY°ØLŠ¬¦-ß‹>.ç¿„ìÅ@¯= , Æj,iÅñqŠ-”1 æ‘åçÆz˜7ÝŽÚø^ å±çnÔÄãûñV6%êåbŸa”½‚åå!/»<ŸW½U$Òj"ô4ò}4_€uDþ "ÝŠµD¶ØvםDm€¸íFW0×3ޏ³qºp%îÇ9؏^î¿ç²¦oãv´Ã‹Ñ%¤$ñ-Äè ¼Þz1:(o±^dzô®ôZ¼ªz”=ˆ·ñ]íµÞÎV×â=?ÐÇ»<É-[±UçµÞÁÖLZ~ÞÉVu]Œw±5‹ëñ”Ð~#W’iU³X«ipWŒÑ3â‘f'ßçyæ«ž5ókp%®ò̯ÁÕT]æ©~o z Ëù¡øâé£xßDµ)ú™öÔ6úbµ¡@­TvmIe7LTÖOe‡Qv#Cã+».PÖ8­œþïDƒô)SäµRШe붂׷º·RZΟ-u/Ïã£ò½"»ä;‘ÇÇÇŠzFXäcŽ¬» 1ØE.Ì.,8ŸÀ'=xprõNšIŽˆ£ã‹—´4TìÃ}T¿úf´·D(ŸÙ‡¢Œâsûñ•Þ–èW+صµ¼OíÇ7»Ç};?(CïÝxº%ú£q]-à™­ûð³è³£x.ú_•Lµýx^êbï(þXJöOÙÍRÞzÍ ›ðš²/dwÈSB~\Æ¿Œ®—ñ¤‡ûR/†™O»‰û‹òëBæ¦—‘À—ãqæõó¸RÌÁÕcÕU}(&lý —$`ëø§Œ[ÿÂË’,lý;¨®¯àÕ€WÄØ°x&7Ùb€ÙQ6±£bbGÕ¸Ž½B¹¿À£F¯Z\˼¿Žëzœˆ¸SÜXÄ¥ .mðl$—D­˜X¶Þã“اPeèÞŠ{ Еƒ'¹Ê4/ n!áo¥o·yÚ• ù}íBnüÎ“aê\9fNL/Þgy™Ó.èˆIITþPK]”’#


    It's just a snake, what's the w- (trails off the side of the screen)

    [Shifty eye monkey looks backwards in one panel and then forward in the next, becoming desaturated]

    Lemmy Moderation needs WAY more transparency and accountability if the platform is to survive

    As it stands right now, individual mods have way too much power to fuck up the platform by banning people for political reasons and the modlog is not even remotely adequate in providing a full story on such actions. This isn't too big of an issue now, but as certain instances have proven, it has the potential to become a federation-wide problem if it's allowed to continue.

    On reddit, the platform Lemmy was made to replace, removals are logged (r/undelete) so that any interested party may look into them, the users are warned of the action so that they know not to behave as such, and the affected parties can (in practice, most mods will just instantly mute you) have a chance to appeal. Here, your posting history is instantly wiped out with no chance of seeing the light of day, you're given a nebulous reason in the mod log, if any, and you have zero tools for correcting an erroneous action. You're just wiped out instantly with most of the people you've interacted with not even having knowledge that you're gone.

    There's also an issue where removing a comment which is rightfully due for removal (for example: dogwhistled bigotry) also removes any comments below it explaining why the original comment is bad. This leads to a situation where mods are either forced to either keep up the hateful rhetoric alongside its callout, or remove the comment while also wiping out the educating material. This is an example where I feel redacting could be an acceptable option to keep the community safe while also allowing bigots to face the music for their shitty views.

    The tools Lemmy provides to deal with evil on the platform are opaque and inadequate, and have high potential for being used in bad faith by bad actors seeking to destroy the platform itself, and have even caused friction among users in good faith in the past (as many warring instances, federating and defederating have shown) Ultimately a healthy federation comes from having moderation tools which protect the average person from being exposed to evil, while also giving a complete picture to those want to look into the why and how of a removal.

    And for the love of god, if an instance bans you, please don't require you dig your own grave by having to block each and every community from that instance manually, one by one.

    Found this gem while looking up an old meme

    !Google results showing funny disinformation around the existence of Marshmallow Farms

    Here it is, in case you haven't seen it. Fun fact: That failed harvest of marshmallows resulted in a dip in the population of house hippos.

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