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Secret Service rushes Trump off stage after shots fired at his Pennsylvania rally
  • No I saw the video, they did a group hug first

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    MEGA THREAD - Trump shot but safe, 2 others killed at PA rally
  • The paradox of tolerance is only a paradox if you don't believe in the social contract.

    Beliefs that violate the social contract deserve no protection under it.

  • Basic instincts
  • I just plain don't tell my mother anything. Every hobby is an opportunity to criticize and belittle, so why bother?

  • [Hyprland] Neon Leaves
  • Oh ok, well here are the images with no effort needed on your part. I'm sorry I've done wrong and needed correcting.

  • [Hyprland] Neon Leaves
  • Here are the images if you don't want to follow OPs link to download a zip file.

  • Trump-loving gays say their MAGA support is ruining their lives
  • They downvoted you for telling the truth about Polish Politician Benzion "Benjamin Netanyahu" Mileikowsky.

  • US prepares for bird flu pandemic with $176M Moderna vaccine deal
  • Wow you're all over the map, huh?

  • Black farmers' association calls for Tractor Supply CEO's resignation after company cuts DEI efforts
  • It's named after the founder, who was a German immigrant named Jungling.

    Immigrant names were often spelled how they sound by barely literate immigration agents.

    So Jungling is pronounced Yewng-ling and became Yuengling.

    The current CEO (Dick Yuengling Jr) is a nepo baby piece of shit Trump lover.

  • What did your parents refrigerate? Mine refrigerated bread.
  • You're not very picky.

    Refrigerating bread makes the yeast crystals break down and go stale faster. Heat can fix this, but only once or twice. This is why toasting stale bread brings it back a bit.

    Freezing bread is the correct way, as it stops the yeast crystals in their tracks, rather than breaking them down. Reheating frozen bread gives you almosy fresh bread.

    Think about how bread is stored before you buy it. Unless it's only partially cooked, it's not refrigerated.

  • Deleted
    *Permanently Deleted*
  • He and several women post themselves having sex and it pops up on the main feeds fairly often.

    I have no issues with OF, but the posts just feel off. Big Terry Richardson energy. I can't point to anything specifc, but the vibe is off.

  • Car dealerships in North America revert to pens and paper after cyberattacks on software provider
  • Not getting paid doesn't affect workers?

    I think you're letting your emotions get the better of you, and using an alt to upvote yourself is pretty sad.

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    *Permanently Deleted*
  • I've already blocked that guy and the dozens of OF models he hires. Dude gives major cult leader vibes.

  • Michael Jackson was $500 million in debt when he died, according to court filing
  • This is the most interested I've ever been in Michael Jackson.

  • Car dealerships in North America revert to pens and paper after cyberattacks on software provider
  • So your plan to fix capitalism is to do nothing?

    How exactly does preventing the working class technicians from working fix capitalism?

    Yes it is you with a poor grasp of what this software is for.

    Ok? I know what techs and service writers use CDK for, I was one for many years. I used CDK and ERA/Reynolds.

    Hint: if it's not for selling cars then how does it affect poor people the most?

    By preventing techs from working and service writers from writing, they can't even order parts to fix cars. And it's not just dealerships that use this software, that's a pretty ignorant and classist assumption to make about a huge segment of the working class population.

    Despite your insane ramblings you've yet to explain how so I'm waiting to hear whatever excuse you pull from your ass.


  • Pyongyang Says It Will Send Support Troops to Ukraine Within a Month
  • News in 30 days: Digestive Parasites are up 70,000% in Eastern Ukraine.

  • The internet connects people
  • Dude looks like he was animated by Pixar.

  • Car dealerships in North America revert to pens and paper after cyberattacks on software provider
  • So your plan to fix capitalism is to make the working class poorer?

    Yes, it's us with a poor grasp of how things work. You don't even know what this software is for. Hint: it's not for selling cars.

  • Netanyahu walks back proposal for Gaza hostage-ceasefire deal endorsed by Biden
  • Reality: You weren't ever getting those hostages back. They're much more useful as symbols in the US than as people in Israel.

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