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Ant smell
  • I have that! Sneezed twice today because of bright sunlight. It can sometimes also be triggered voluntarily by looking at a bright light. You can't trigger it multiple times in a row though. I suspect this is because sinuses need to recover from the shock of the sneeze.

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  • Sorry, I don't remember the exact source. I tried a bunch of stuff from all around. I found it with the search query that was something like: "fedora obs amd hw encoding gstreamer vaapi"

    I watched a bunch of stuff from GloriousEggroll and some other youtuber, but I don't remember exactly who. Also had to install gstreamer va-api olugin vie flatpak.

    Hope these clues give you a lead.

  • Steam Deck hits 15,000 games rated Playable and Verified
  • I installed Fedora 40 on my desktop a couple of weeks ago to test if I could run it as a daily driver for gaming, streaming and studying.

    So far gaming has been remarkably better than I thought. Steam works like a charm and the few games I've played boot up out of the box. I've even managed to play an Epic Game Store game (was free so we grabbed it from there) with a friend online. This can be done via Heroic Game Launcher.

    Studywise it has all I need for coding and text editing.

    The only thing I haven't been able to fully test (busy) is streaming, but I did set up OBS already and managed to get HW encoding to work on an AMD GPU.

    Still does take a little too much tinkering on the streaming side for a non computer savvy person (edit: not me, but someone like my wife for example), but I'm seriously considering about ditching Windows altogether if I don't encounter anything critically borked in the coming weeks. The only game breaker in the foreseeable future I can think of will be whether or not I can fully dev and study MS Azure stuff in Linux, but I'd wager it's not going to be a problem.

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