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Pentagon Publishes Report on Material From an Alleged Alien Aircraft
  • Hey mom, there's something in the backroom

    Hope it's not the creature from above

    You used to read me stories

    As if my dreams were boring

    We all know conspiracies are dumb

    What if people knew that these were real

    I'd leave my closet door open all night

    I know the CIA would say

    "What you hear is all hearsay"

    I wish someone would tell me what was right

  • Sovcit is confused.
  • The “colonel” was given to him in 1935 as an honorary title by the governor of Kentucky in recognition of his accomplishments

    So, it wasn’t just a marketing term, but a state title granted to him.

  • San Francisco homelessness injunction is no more
  • “The city still has policies that require it to offer shelter,” said Kashyap, referring to Proposition Q, which passed in 2016 and requires the city to offer alternatives to people living on the street. “We expect the city to still follow the local law.”

    I can’t speak any more broadly than this article, but they have a law to offer shelter. Now do they? Do I think any Republican leaning cities have such a policy or law? No and also no.

  • Mutant violet?

    I was given a small pot with a single sad leaf to try and rescue. I was told it was an African violet. It was repotted and I gave it some fertilizer and it started producing this giant leggy looking leaves. Is this normal? A mutant? It doesn’t look like any violet I’ve seen.


    Edit: thank you for all the feedback! It does indeed look like a cyclamen. I have moved it closer to the window, hopefully it will fill in nicely.

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