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  • I think people shouldn't be allowed to suffer when preventing that suffering is easy, and that makes me a radical utopian idealist apparently

  • Did anyone measure the soul of the nation as it vanished?
  • Oh I see, so basically the nation earned a second soul. We could still measure the weight of the soul of the nation then by just seeing how much more it weighs now.

  • It's why your mother and I are definitely NOT just friends...
  • As a queer polyamorous person I don't have to be just friends with anyone gigachad

  • Did anyone measure the soul of the nation as it vanished?

    Everyone knows based on an old study weighing people before and after they died that the human soul weighs approximately 21 grams, but we haven't ever had a way to measure how much the soul of a nation weighs.

    Now that Trump was shot we all know this means the soul of the nation has been well and truly destroyed, and that leaves us a golden opportunity to weigh the soul of the nation. I've been trying to find some before and after weights but even ChatGPT doesn't know how much the actual country of America weighed either before or after Trump was shot so I'm kind of stuck.

    Hopefully this wonderful community can come together and use this devastating moment for something good; we finally have an opportunity to scientifically prove not only that the nation has (well, had) a soul but we could measure it.

    The Dems should just let Trump win in solidarity
  • It's sarcasm. Welcome to Hexbear. Feel free to stick around. Fuck trump and fuck the Dems and fuck fascism.

  • The Dems should just let Trump win in solidarity

    Honestly this is the only way to heal both the nation and Trump's earlobe so it's the right thing to do

    I... what?
  • Holy fucking shit

  • Thomas Matthew Crooks: The registered Republican and gun lover who shot Trump
  • On one side I am totally unsurprised, but on the other side I was hoping this was going to be the worlds first instance of a lib with a spine. I don't know why I got my hopes up

  • Removed
    The idf are Hamas
  • Everything bad that happens is because my enemy did it! This is definitely how the world works! wojak-nooo

  • Caption this.
  • My elden ring build

  • How to separate good from bad friends. G@mer edition.
  • I think this controller is rad and it's twice as rad if it annoys gamers

  • smh
  • Liberals do have beliefs. They believe everything the CIA tells them

  • What's goin on here? (wrong answers only)
  • Biden peaking on his shrooms

  • Red Menace pod discusses "Desert" by anonymous
  • I dunno anything about this book and haven't listened to this episode but Red Menace is good so probably folks should listen to it

  • Slate: How Leftists Need to Think About Voting This November
  • I find it fascinating how every 4 years major media makes the exact same Leftist case for voting, and it is literally never "Look at all of the wonderful progressive things the Dems have done!" and instead is always "well MAYBE you MIGHT get SOMETHING done with the Dems but you'll DEFINITELY get NOTHING done with the GOP!"

    Interesting that they are completely incapable of making any other case.

  • China continues to lead the world in wind and solar, with twice as much capacity under construction as the rest of the world combined
  • Libs will continue to push this aside and instead focus on how China is also building lots of coal power. They will also continue to ignore that the coal is backup power while China continues to ramp up renewable generation

  • Slate: How Leftists Need to Think About Voting This November
  • Ah yes just what I need. A corporate media entity telling me how I NEED to think. Thank you slate very cool

  • I just saw 999,995 people supporting Palestine

    Walked in a pro Palestine rally in my city's pride event today. I was told a million people turned out. Spent the whole route walking holding my cute ass homemade sign and being cheered at and chanted at so loudly and so supportively by the entire crowd that we kept losing track of what we were trying to do. Thousands and thousands of young drunk queers out fists in the air shouting free Palestine for miles. Honestly walking from the staging area and hitting the wall of crowd and hearing their huge support even after they had already been standing out there for hours was beyond beyond amazing. Something I'll never forget.

    I saw 5 Zionists in the whole crowd. All by themselves, not organized at all. 5. All older white people. Imagine standing in a crowd of a million people and being the sole person with your middle finger up at people protesting a genocide. Hilarious honesty.

    Anyway the community at this sort of thing is unbelievable. Anyone who says organizing doesn't work is wrong. It was energizing as fuck and we really helped a lot of angry gays have an outlet today in the middle of our big party.

    I don't know if I have a point to this it was just fucking cool to see all these young gays out here supporting Palestine. The Dems are totally cooked for directly supporting this genocide.

    From the river to the sea. Happy pride everyone. Pride is a protest never forget it.

    By owning a TV you're helping Trump win

    You aren't supposed to watch the debates you know. If you watched the debate you're helping Trump win. The Leader of the Free World doesn't need to be coherent or eloquent or even understandable at all and by pointing out the very rare times in every single debate question where he slipped up you're helping Trump win. Actually by listening to Biden at all you're helping Trump win. If you use the primary source of "things the actual candidate himself said" instead of the secondary source of "things the media says the candidate meant to say" that's actually helping Trump win. In fact if you even own a TV at all or any device that could consume digital media like a laptop or a phone, you're helping Trump win.

    I'm so sick of all these tankie Hexbears looking at reality and pointing it out because you're helping Trump win. You can go back to looking at your media devices after you've cast your ballot for Joe.

    American city builders: Let's build the perfect habitat for pigeons!

    Also American city builders: Wow why are there so many pigeons I can't believe this happened

    Bit Idea: Make my day

    My day was slightly ruffled yesterday

    So I don't need you to make my day, but, you know, you should anyway. For the bit.

    Name something more white late stage capitalist than stock advertisements inside of fortune cookies

    This is a challenge I am posing to the community . Prove to me that there is something worse than this. I can't imagine what it is but I feel like I have to know.

    Is anyone playing Arknights

    Should anyone play this? I started recently and I'm still trying to figure it out. It seems cool but I can't figure out if we're supposed to be the good guys or the bad guys. Also it's gacha trash. But the puzzle TD aspect of it is super satisfying.

    Is anyone playing this, should I keep playing?

    I saw my first cybertruck today in the wild

    It was double parked in the bike lane without blinkers on and with nobody inside of it. If it didn't happen to me I would have sworn this is made up, it was way too on point. I couldn't believe it.

    Power posters of the fediverse, why aren't you posting on Hexbear?

    I see you out there. Posting. You should post here too. Why aren't you? Genuinely curious actually.

    I love the rainbow that magically appeared in the flag in this photo

    Saw this photo from an action and thought it was neat with the rainbow. Nature providing some intersectionality here

    Does anyone know where Anya went?

    I keep hearing all these bikers saying that Anya left but nobody seems to know where she went !anya-heh

    A collection of signs made by children to support Palestine

    My favorite is definitely "GIVE IT BACK YOU DO NOT DESERVE IT!"

    Stay safe out there comrades this thing is just beginning

    On one side, it's good to see a new wave of revolutionary energy sweeping the nation

    On the other side, it sucks that it only ever happens for really big shit like literally genocide. Zoomers are going to burn themselves out on this. Which they should. But then they won't have the energy to keep fighting for the other stuff that we absolutely have to keep fighting for. And that sucks.

    Maybe the zoomers will have more energy than I think. It's up to us to join them and help them so they don't burn out. Like all the other times this could be a start of something greater than it already is. But leftists have to get involved and be involved and stay involved otherwise this is just the run of the mill disorganized anti war protest and it will fizzle.

    Anyway if you can get out there and support folks, do it. If you can't safely do that there are many many other ways to support. You can buy supplies, you can pick folks up from jail, you can paint signs, lots of ways to help without getting in the middle of it. If you aren't sure how to help find some local organizations that are involved and ask them.

    I'm sure a few Hexbears are already out there. So stay safe comrades.

    Perma banning DayOfDoom as a joke was not okay

    Is this another instance of the mod log not telling the whole story? Anytime I see a recognized poster perm banned for anything other than being completely heinous I have to scratch my head a little. Making a bad post and then ban evading doesn't feel like it should warrant a "never come back" kind of response. This is just one example, I've seen it before with others too and have always gone "huh, really?" But maybe there was something they did that was so bad it was purged / doesn't show in the mod log.

    Anyway RIP DayOfDoom we'll miss your weird ass posts. Unless you did something bad that the modlog doesn't show in which case I'll just delete this whole thread.

    Muse - Animals (CW: inside post body)

    CW: Suicide.

    context for CW

    The song ends with the singer telling CEOs to "kill yourselves", which is incredibly based but also could be super triggering

    Anyway this is one of the best modern anticapitalist songs and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise

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