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But don't say it out loud
  • Killing him potentially turns their party against themselves as they fight each other for the power vacuum it creates

    Doing it before he picks a VP furthers that unity divide

  • Bullet vs. Stairs
  • A local poll found younger people were more likely to support Trump and older people were more likely to support Biden

    So it makes sense to see in our youthful communities

  • Free multiplayer game Paladins launches a new PvE horde mode
  • Just the name of a patch note that “ruined” the game. It was a full rework from a unique game to an Overwatch clone. However over time it became less of an Overwatch, it’s still not as good as it was

    Stands for closed beta 12 and 99% of the people in the beta left so they had to open it up to the smite playerbase just to have people play it

    Later they did address why they did it - pumping new content into the game they had required more work and at the time they had a very small team

    There’s hope that eventually hi-rez will get big enough to give people back the actual game

  • Why do some cbc videos not have CC?

    For instance this video

    Has closed captions I can put on but this video doesn’t

    How does that work with accessibility laws? I wish there was just a scribed button I could press to read the whole video instead of having to pause constantly

    What is the easiest subtitle approach?

    The easiest I found was going to each episode and editing the subtitles then uploading the file (even though they are in the same directory)

    I’m assuming if I named better then it wouldn’t be an issue since the subtitles are named “e1, e2, etc”

    Why does YouTube keep recommending anti-Korea/Japan stories and pro-China stories from the South China Morning Post

    I never click on them and I don’t consume any other content related to those countries but every so often I’ll see an anti (those countries) headline in my feed and then the next few days will have pro occupied China stories

    It feels like targeted propaganda since I never see good stories about the other countries and it makes me wonder why YouTube hasn’t been broken up if they are too big to monitor that

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