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Brompton integrated USC C front fork light recommendations

I've been researching for ages but struggling to tell what's the exact best product. Ideally I'd like a combination of products that allows for usb c charging (to be seen primarily) that feels tightly integrated into the Brompton. I like the fork integration of the official light but would prefer usb c charging. I can more easily find appropriate mounts to attach to the screw on the back of the saddle. I've seen AliExpress brackets that use GoPro style mount holes then you adapt to Garmin/Cateye or whatever but I haven't seen photos of them in use and I've read they can interfere with the luggage block. Ideally someone else would have a combo of products that I can see works aesthetically and practically and I'd just get the same.

What do people here use?

Weight difference on C Line Explore

I'm picking up a C Line Explore and wondering why there's a weight difference between these two. I'm interested in the free bag but I assume there are structural differences if the one above is a KG lighter?

Prowlarr VPN/proxy advice

Been having a frustrating but rewarding time setting up my first server with some advice from you all. Learned a lot and feel like I'm almost there with a lot of it. One thing I've really been struggling with is public indexers on Prowlarr. In the UK I can only access them behind a VPN but Prowlarr can't access the rest of the suite if it goes behind Gluetun.

I feel like I've tried everything, it seems that I likely want to use the indexer proxy built into Prowlarr but I must be doing something wrong as it's always refused or never resolves. I did read something about privoxy which I did try and look into but no success. Considered just leaving the whole thing for usenet but I'd just love to get some public trackers working successfully in the UK. Does anyone have any advice to someone still learning please?

Thanks all!

Edit: Thanks all for your input! I got it workihg by adding httpproxy=on to Gluetun then adding the http proxy deets into the Prowlarr http proxy page.

Getting in a pickle over hardware

I'm moderately tech savvy, a little experience with most OS and comfortable with hardware. I've got some basic things working in Docker. I want to start self hosting my photo backup, Bitwarden, Jellyfish, Sonarr and Radarr, Pi hole, Home Assistant and replace Dropbox. But the more I dive into the hardware and setup the more muddled I'm finding myself.

I'm very concerned about power draw so the lower the consumption the better. I do want some parity, though I'm willing to I introduce that once it's set up. I'm not particularly concerned with transcoding but I guess it'd be a nice bonus.

Is a QNAP alone valid? Or perhaps I'm better off with a Pi and my huge GDrive while I learn? Or a NUC with better transcoding capability? I want to access my data internally, stream content to a Chromecast with Google TV.

My instinct is both a NUC and a separate NAS but I'e love it if anyone has some insight.


Is building a PC to stream to a handheld a bad idea?

I've always wanted to build a little PC, but I don't have space or time to play games other than on a handheld on the sofa. I've been playing Xbox Game Pass on my Retroid Pocket 3 Plus and it's been really good, but I'm wondering if a gaming pc streamed locally would be cheaper in the long run. It'd live under the TV and very rarely get used with a controller on the telly, almost always streamed to a little handheld.

Alternative is Steam Deck, which looks good, but tbh, it seems quite unweildly. Though I know it's possibly the right route.

Any thoughts?

Broken clasp on vintage Omega

I have an Omega Dynamic Geneve from the 70s. The watch sits in a circular hole on the bracelet and screws in with a ring on the back, but the clasp is broken. It's says 1153/138 on the bracelet.

I tried buying a custom leather strap so I could wear it but the leather stretches unattractively over the edges of the fastening so I think I need to deal with the original braclet. I've been monitoring eBay for years at this point but the replacements are outrageously expensive.

Any advice for what to do with a sensible budget? Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place?

Insane battery life on public beta on 7a

I posted recently about my struggles with my new 7a battery. I installed android 14 beta today and going to bed after 4 hours SOT I've got 50% battery left, the difference is ridiculous.

From my reading I'm led to believe Google will find a way to lose the gains by the time the release is final but I have my fingers crossed, it's turned the phone from a regret to a sound purchase so far.

Pixel 7a battery solution

I've had to move to a Pixel 7a as a surprise replacement. I'm content enough with it, performance is acceptable, but battery life is worse than I'd like. How do people get by with a 7a? Buy a bunch of wireless chargers? Buy a magsafe case? I don't see any battery cases so I imagine that's not an option. Any recommendations would be great, thanks.

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