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It's official. He was a Libertarian.
  • Wish we'd get them into a TV show: Thunderdome (or some such)

    Go ahead and kill each other. Please do it in a contained area where we can watch it, if we like, but nobody outside of your murder match will be endangered.

  • What's an activity that you could foresee yourself doing every weekend for the rest of your life?
  • Sounds good to me, intended:

    Drinking & brewcraft sets the stage. Once that's rolling, add all the other crafts!

    Or as it gets rolling, rather:

    Gardening (of plants & fungi, SCOBYs) for ingredients of drinks.

    Drawing, writing, cooking (things to eat with drinks). Making bikes, instruments, yurts, clothes from plants, fungi & trash.

    Using solar source aluminum melting, casting.

    Feed oyster mush (and any other micro biomes that will eat it) on plastics.

    (Sum Things I hope are rolling already)

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  • Better quality of evil than anything Trump or Putin exude.

    Fine piece of history. I didn't say he was a good man, but he did embody & give course to frustrations many of us feel. For proper dramatic storytelling, you've got to have some extremes. WWII is many important histories. It's full of murdering assholes the world round. The people won.

    He's an interesting story in that he was a tremendous asshole without being a billionaire or politician. Unlike musk or trump, he made a statement without killing anyone but himself, without the stranglehold of millions of viewers or other system slaves, as the aforementioned both grasp on like a mother's teat.

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    Musk Donates to Trump, Tapping Vast Fortune to Swing 2024 Race
  • True enough.

    Just because shitheads run companies didn't mean you can't enjoy & appreciate the actual work, design, creation of brilliant, hard working people that made the actual product.

    Musk never made anything. Nothing new, anyway. He made a hostile collar workplace noose and roped a group of companies into our modern, uncontested (except by unions) version of slavery.

    The people at Tesla are groundbreakering pioneers of the future of transportation. Unfortunately, they're not geniuses about how to properly deal with a strangling grifter owner.

    That kind of terrible management, terrible treatment of people, workers is rampant across (most?) all companies. Musk just screwed the best of the brightest lights on the road to the future. Fucked everybody harder than the other CEOs cause, well, as others mention, he was born to it (Emerald apartheid slave driver heritage).

  • How many people here actually know any African-Americans?
  • Grew up in a community that was whiter than yours was black.

    4th grade was exciting: we had a new, native American student in my class! Everyone else was white. There were two adopted kids in my neighborhood that were brownish, raised quite white (islander and South American). The only black people in the city played for the university football team.

    Moved away from there, did most of my work in music. Many black, Hispanic & Asian coworkers, some friends.

    I'm back in my birth city now. Black & Hispanic people are now established portions of the population of the city.
  • Same headset 7 years apart
  • What's the brand? What's the model?

    I've heard from people whose opinions I respect that they are like this with Koss (use em until they break after a bunch of years, buy the same to replace the old ones).

  • What Does the G.O.P. Have Against America?
  • Decline of the Republican party took off with the dropping the requirement of "News" channels to actually have News.

    Fox (Faux) news & Reagan started us on the road, Putin jumped on & up to pilot the train more recently. Propaganda and division are their standard bearers. They are now the fake news snowflake party (gays are ruining America! Bad books are corrupting our children! Immigrants are raping and spreading drugs everywhere!).

    It is a terrorist organization. I wish defense department (& budget) would be used to dismantle Murdoch's & Putin's tendrils.

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