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Star Citizen is free this week, if you'd like to try it
  • Ah yes, let's enable the whales even more in throwing away money to fuel their addiction! I feel like this is something for the EU to look at, after loot boxes and other gacha mechanics. In my country they tried to ban them but failed.

  • Former Bungie, Pokémon Lawyer Explains How They Caught Leakers
  • The parent literally asked whether their kid was in trouble. Wouldn't it be disingenuous to not answer truthfully (at the caveat that it was actually the truth)?

    I saw it more as a way to resolve it peacefully without getting to the stuff nobody likes

  • Former Bungie, Pokémon Lawyer Explains How They Caught Leakers
  • ‘So you’re saying he hacked your game.’ And I hear in the background: ‘I didn’t hack anything!’ I start describing it more technically. She says, ‘Is this a problem?’ I say, ‘Hacking software, that’s a federal crime, but I don’t want that to be the conversation. Why don’t we make it a conversation about the good and bad things he can do with a computer?’

    To the people saying he threatened a kid, I think he did the exact opposite? He made them aware that technically it's a crime, to convey the severity, but also said he doesn't want that to be the conversation he's having with the parents.

    To me that sounds like he didn't want to threaten with legal action, but the parents did need to be aware that it was a crime, technically speaking.

  • New app releases for Apple Vision Pro have fallen dramatically since launch
  • Until a headset is as unobtrusive as a pair of eyeglasses it will not see mass appeal,

    You mean like Google Glass? I don't think that went anywhere either.

    It would not be the first time they put out a massively expensive and wholly useless product decades ahead of its need.

    Do you have any examples? Massively expensive is always the case, but I can't think of a product that Apple launched that was decades ahead of its need.

  • The Insidious World of Fake Mobile Game Ads
  • Nice video. Its funny how he ends it with saying not clicking on the ads. Apps with in-game ads can actually click through for you, so you end up on the store page without any user input. That feels illegal.

    I have been entertaining the idea of making a video about these ads as well, in the form of what's being advertised and what's actually in the game. Also the claims they make in the ads should be scrutinized. I want to raise awareness for these types of ads because reporting them to Google won't do anything and is notoriously hard (a dark pattern in itself, very convenient to Google).

    Would there be any interest in videos like this? I have a bunch of ads recorded that are questionable as fuck and it might be a very depressing journey.

  • It’s official: No Nintendo console has lasted as long as Switch without being replaced | VGC
  • If The Pokémon Company decided to put some polish into those games instead of pumping out 3 within 15 months, I'm pretty sure most performance issues could have been solved or alleviated.

    In the same vein, better hardware would not have automatically meant that the game would run without such issues.

  • EU charges Elon Musk’s X for letting disinfo run wild
  • An example could be AliExpress, with a 130B in revenue and 11B in profit (2023), it would reduce their profit to 3.2B with the 6% fine. That's a whopping 70% less profits, and cutting expenses isn't gonna fix it either.

  • EU charges Elon Musk’s X for letting disinfo run wild
  • It's 6% of revenue, not profit. So it cuts even more into profits as it doesn't allow a company in breach of regulations to reduce the impact of the fine by adding expenses that will temporarily lower their profit.

    Even more spicy, they can also impose periodic penalties up to 5% of the average daily worldwide turnover for each day of delay in complying. That shit can bankrupt you.

  • It’s official: No Nintendo console has lasted as long as Switch without being replaced | VGC
  • Pretty much, but yeah it's more for those that never got the chance to play those WiiU games as content-wise the changes were nonexistent or minimal. I also refused to double dip, apart from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe when they announced DLC tracks would be released, so there was like 8 years between purchasing moments.

    Switch is the first to re-release a bunch of games from the generation just before, though. This is mostly due to the previous 2 home consoles being backwards compatible, so there was no need (market).

  • YouTube offers virtual trophies so you can feel bad about quitting premium

    I started a free trial and cancelled it immediately to have no ads while on holiday. Didn't realize they are offering some illusion of achievements as a "reward" for your attention, doubling as a FOMO weapon for when you want to quit.

    Where to start..

    Edit: tried to crosspost on Eternity. I don't think it worked. Added in image and link to post

    A cozy place in Lightyear Frontier [PC]

    We all know bears don't know how to play chess. This is proof!

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