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Tesla Cybertruck gets vandalized by climate activists
  • We're talking about less than 1% here. And yes, most of even your examples do not require a pickup truck, or even your own hauler. Just look at other countries. People transporting tools? They have little vans or nowadays even cargo bikes. This whole pickup truck thing is very much an US fetish.

  • What is the actual point of a bra?
  • A lot of replies here ignoring the obvious - patriarchy, religion, and capitalism.

    They're not. OP is asking the actual point of them, and you're bringing modern politics into it, which are a very recent development. "Bras" go way back, like thousands of years BCE, all with very different functions.

  • Tesla Cybertruck gets vandalized by climate activists
  • No. Both vehicles are absolute trash for the environment. Just because it's an EV does not mean it is suddenly environmentally friendly. The stupid stainless steel alone uses up idiotic amounts of energy to produce and in the end it is still a several ton heavy vehicle instead of some form of micro car.

    And no, no one really uses this or an ICE truck in a way that would require them to have one. Even people who haul shit in the back would usually do with a more sensible roofed vehicle, but that would be less "cool".

    All of those big cars can and should be a target. If we go with individual motor traffic, then we should use vehicles that are as compact and basic as possible.

  • [gestoppt] Robert wurde bereits diese Nacht nach Frankfurt gebracht, um direkt heute Mittag nach Serbien abgeschoben werden zu können. In ein Land, dessen Sprache er nicht spricht.
  • Der Fall ist natürlich jetzt sehr Medienstark aber wie viele solcher Menschen leben in Deutschland, die arbeiten wollen aber nicht können, weil unser System es nicht zulässt? Ich hoffe da ändert sich grundlegend etwas. Das gehört nämlich auch zu einer guten Integrationspolitik.

  • Taliban tries reconciling science and religion in facing climate change: Afghanistan’s rulers, cut off from foreign assistance, are tackling climate change on their own
  • "Bro", maybe I'm not natively English speaking myself. Yet I still do my best to write as readable as I can, probably more so than even native speakers. That's the type of respect I pay others, and the type of respect I expect from them as well. If I were to slop around and not care if I write something coherent, then how can I expect anyone to be okay with such disrespect? Those things go both ways my dude.

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