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A map of the shooting
  • Depending on how the gun was configured/chambered, and weather conditions, I think it's quite hard. Also considering he probably only had shooting range experience, and was a kid under heavy stress.

    Also not American, but at roughly the same age trained on the HK G3, which uses a bigger caliber and longer barrel, under simulated stress conditions could hit a target at about 400m reliably. After intensive training, and "hit a target" does not necessarily mean a headshot, but somewhere on the body. We were explicitly told to aim for the biggest mass, not fanciness.

    I think that shooter was misguided in many ways, and also by advertising, as already mentioned in this thread.

  • After Trump assassination attempt, guns will still be allowed near RNC, but tennis balls will not
  • ""[It's] utterly ridiculous," Robert Bauman, a Milwaukee City Alderman who proposed adding guns to that city ordinance, told ABC News. "I mean, I could just picture this image of somebody coming up to the entry point with, you know, an AR-15 strapped over one shoulder, a long rifle over another, and two pistols in his belt, and the cops asking him, 'You got any tennis balls?'"

    ^^I would pay money to see that scene^^

  • From basement to battlefield: Ukrainian startups create low-cost robots to fight Russia
  • "Technology leaders to the United Nations and the Vatican worry that the use of drones and AI in weapons could reduce the barrier to killing and dramatically escalate conflicts."

    Interesting read, didn't know the Vatican had "technology leaders".

  • ich🩵💬🚫iel
  • Fuer sowas hat diese Anna Zeit?

    Und dann noch so unprofessionell: "Pikant: Paarformen („Schülerinnen und Schüler“) werden selbst vom Rat der Deutschen Rechtschreibung verwendet, auf den sich die bayerische Landesregierung bei ihren Genderverboten beruft. Der Rat hatte unlängst noch bekräftigt, dass Wortbinnenzeichen wie der Genderstern „nicht zum Kernbestand der deutschen Orthografie“ gehören. Gleichzeitig betonte er nochmal seine Auffassung, dass alle Menschen mit geschlechtergerechter Sprache angesprochen werden sollen."

  • I'm just gonna stick to slotted, thanks
  • I have to admit that each time I saw a torx security screw on a case I had to open (looking at you, Compaq) this made me so angry that I used to punch the middle pin away with a flathead screwdriver, and replace the screw with a regular one later. This was in those past times I did not have a fuckton of assorted torx bits in a gigantic case...

  • Tech support workers, what are your favorite stories from your time in the industry?
  • Had a colleague who did this regularly, till I put his new pw on a postit, and that in his coat pocket. Worked as long as the weather stayed same... It escalated away, until he let his gf call me for his password, because he did not dare to anymore. We finally gave up and set his pw fixed to "123456". He was really good at the job, only not with his pw.

  • Kritik an Plänen für ausländische Fachkräfte
  • Habeck macht was, is noch nichtmal innovativ, weil andere Laender machen das schon lange, CxU kotzt rum. SPD diesmal auch, weil bald is Wahl. Manchmal moecht ich an diesem Land verzweifeln. Egal welche grosse (huestel, sry SPD ich zaehl Euch einfach nochmal dazu) Partei mitregiert, passiert nix innovatives. Gut, wenn die FDP mitmacht, eh nicht. Jahre spaeter fragen sich alle, wies so weit kommen konnte. Und alle machen alle die Merkelraute.

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