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23 January 2024
  • A skunk smells less bad than some stuff you find in the human body during a surgery... The team usually has some very strongly smelling peppermint oil they can put in their masks when operating on something like that.

    Also humming helps to not puke...

  • FediLore + Fedidrama CJOtheReal
    Blahaj admin goes powertripping over minor issues In 48 hours we will be defederating from - Blåhaj Lemmy

    This thread is intended for blåhaj zone users. Top level comments from accounts on other instances will be removed. ====== It has recently been brought to my attention that the lead admin of is engaging in ongoing transphobia. You can see the conversation in question here https://pro...

    The admin banned people for saying that calling everything transpobia isn't the way to make you seem reasonable and all non blahaj TLC get removed by default.

    Reddit ☕

    Glad to not be there anymore... Fuck Spez.