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Wish I could beam this into every persons head
  • "you festering dick head"

    Hahahaha, oh, evoking some Monty Python! I need to go get some of their wonderful insults to use around here.

    One I do recall (that seems appropriate to that commenter) : "shut your festering gob, you tit!" hahahaha

  • Wish I could beam this into every persons head
  • Having worked with some impressive leaders, they always make a point of celebrating every step forward. I've seen them correct people who say "it wasn't a big deal, it was this one small thing I did". No - every step matters, because the full achievement is brought about by all these small steps. This is also part of what drives systems like Kanban - measuring and acknowledging each of the small bites required to eat an elephant.

    So it's not just neuro-atypical ADHD folks who need this, which I think is a great point to make.

  • The Last Man on Earth (1964 1080p)
  • I knew I'd recognized that Will Smith movie as an old story, I just couldn't place it! Thanks for the reminder.

    Yea, Omega Man is a bad 70's-soaked remake, unfortunately.

    70's dystopian stuff was typically overly dramatic/melodramatic, and tried to bludgeon you with "look how bad this is", instead of letting it come to you in it's own time/subtle way.

    As much as I criticise cinema today, that's one area where a lot has improved (the melodramatic stuff is usually pretty obvious and more avoidable today).

  • TIL about the 'River' effect in typography
  • Let me take you back to punched card days, when people would design patterns and shapes using different characters, a single line at a time (one card, one line of 80 characters).

    When the cards were just printed (to a nice, noisy, dot-matrix), you'd see the image they designed.

  • Google CEO tells staffers the office is not a place to ‘debate politics’ after firing 28 for anti-Israel sit-ins
  • Exactly.

    Poor leadership permits political talk. Or any talk that is divisive or off-topic.

    Talking about your weekend escapades is also frowned upon, for the same reasons - they're both juvenile, ego-centric, and off topic.

    No professional wants to hear about how drunk you got and who you screwed.

    This is like business 101 stuff.

  • Google CEO tells staffers the office is not a place to ‘debate politics’ after firing 28 for anti-Israel sit-ins
  • Yes.

    As someone who's worked in the corporate world for 30+ years, politics is not tolerated.

    If you're an employee who regularly talks politics, you'll find yourself not invited to projects, and slowly pushed to the side, as your peer reviews will show communication issues.

    If you're a contractor, you won't be renewed at contract time.

    I've seen both of these happen many times.

    The workplace is for work, for getting things done. Frankly, most of us don't have time for this idle chit-chat bs, we're too busy trying to complete the endless stream of work that needs doing. And what room I have for chat, the last thing I want to talk about is politics - it's always divisive, and teams need the opposite if that - to build better relationships.

    Today I'll actually leave a room if anyone talks politics. I want no part of that nonsense.

    Here's the heart of the issue: If you lack the sense to know when and where to discuss something like this, what other social skill/communication issues do you have? You're clearly not someone to be trusted.

    You're a risk. No one wants a risk on their team.

  • Dutch government says it may stop using Facebook over privacy concerns
  • Err, wut? That they were using it at all is disappointing.

    It was clearly a privacy nightmare from day one - that anyone in IT let it be used is a major failure on their part.

    I even said as much to my peers at the time.

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