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  • I think it's because Federal Express the company has services which includes ground and express. Some trucks are marked FedEx ground so this is to mark that it's the express service truck I guess.

  • Woman Stuck in Tesla For 40 Minutes With 115 Degrees Temperature During Vehicle Update
  • Apparently since the Tesla doors don't have a top frame that swings out with the door glass, the window needs to roll down like an inch when you open the door so the glass won't catch on the trim, and the manual release tries to do it but might not if the power is out which might damage the trim.

  • Windows 11 is now an ad platform--this is why we're here
  • One game I used to play recently started working suddenly in the latest proton major release (I think 9), it wasn't mentioned in the release notes and it has no community around the game since it was released around windows vista, as well as being pulled from stores for many years (I still have it on steam) so I don't think anyone intentionally fixed it but probably just a result of some system call being implemented or tweaked to behave closer to correct.

    So yeah, it's very good to test your broken wine apps every 6 months to a year because slowly anything I ever had issues with in wine is starting to work.

  • Google Messages starts testing RCS message editing
  • Are there any foss RCS apps or is it still exclusive to Google's messages app? I feel like it would be 2 steps forward 1 step back for me to quit Google photos for immich and then exchange aosp messaging for Google messages.

  • maybe the woke was inside us all along
  • Trauma of cross traffic? Don't you pass the opposite gender in the hallway to both gendered bathrooms anyways? Does the presence of a sink really make it suddenly traumatizing to be within view of the opposite gender?

  • OpenAI looking to incorporate adtech into ChatGPT
  • its purpose is to help ChatGPT users more easily discover and engage with publishers’ brands and content

    Boy do I wish I could more easily engage with brands. That's just what my life was missing, brand engagement. Can't get enough brand discovery, I just love discovering brands and I wish someone would help me discover brands. When I get home from work I love to pop open a cold one and discover and engage with brands.

  • Learn More at Let'sStopDoingIt.Org
  • I switched from Google photos to immich so I could keep my photos more private (self hosted on my own NAS). I still keep Google photos installed on my phone so I can edit photos (the editor is really nice to use). Every time I open it, it bugs me to resume backing up to Google. This week I found that it had started backing up to Google again although I don't remember accepting so I had to go and clear out all the uploaded photos again.

    I hate this. Even when I decline to back up it usually then nags me with a second screen asking if I want to do a one time backup. Like, no. I don't want to send any of my photos to Google.

  • How do you build complex shapes?
  • My approach in fusion is to start with the most complex profile shape and create a sketch on that dimension and then just keep removing or adding features using sketches on the other axes.

    For example for your radio holder (the orange piece in your screenshot) I would do a top down sketch with 2 circles connected with 2 lines (making a pill shape), times 2 inset from that (to give you an elongated ring), then add a couple lines to get the C shape. Extrude that and then do a separate extrude of the entire outline (without cuts) and set the extrude offset to the height of the model so that the new body ends up at the bottom of the previous extrusion making a bottom to the part - and with mode set to join on the extrude, if they're touching it automatically merges them (saves having to do an extrude + join and just does it in a single extrude).

    For the holes I would make another sketch coming from the front and then use the polygon tool to make a hexagon, followed by the pattern tool on the hexagon to make the hole pattern (a neat trick for hexagon patterns in fusion is that you can select 2 adjacent sides of the hexagon as pattern axes even though they're not 90 degrees, the pattern tool will nicely pattern the hexagons hexagonally instead of just making a grid of hexagons). Then selecting all the hexagons generated by the pattern and doing an extrude from that sketch in cut mode to cut the holes. (One downside here is that adjusting the pattern count doesn't automatically adjust the selected hexagons, you have to adjust the extrude-cut to select any new hexagons if you edited the pattern to create more)

    I hope that gives some idea on how to build up shapes - I haven't really used any tutorials but just kind of wing it by trying to make my first sketch of a part from an angle where that sketch can take care of as much complexity as possible so the finishing touches can be simpler. (Ie, if you made that orange part from the side, the initial sketch would be a square and you would have to do a lot more operations to cut off material)

  • My bioluminescent petunia
  • Nice! I got mine recently too but haven't checked it for luminescence since I've been busy - I still need to repot it and hang it in a better spot that gets better sunlight so I'm not expecting it to be bright just yet.

  • Possible to make career in free software?
  • You could end up working for a company that develops free software so that's one way. My company develops an open source science tool and it's free for anyone to hack on, run their own copy, and use for commercial purposes, but we sell support which usually seems to involve being paid to develop certain features and fix certain bugs, as well as advise on how to keep their system running smoothly.

  • Those were the days
  • I still have some 3gp/3gpp videos recorded on my old slide. What a pain. And I think depending on whether your phone was gsm/CDMA would affect whether it recorded to .3gp or .3g2.

  • Meta says you can’t turn off its new AI tool on Facebook, Instagram
  • I just discovered how easy ollama and open webui are to set up so I've been using llama3 locally too, it was like 20 lines in docker compose, and although I've been using gpt3.5 on and off for a long time I'm much more comfortable using models run locally so I've been playing with it a lot more. It's also cool being able to easily switch models at any point during a conversation. I have like 15 models downloaded, mostly 7b and a few 13b models and they all run fast enough on CPU and generate slightly slower than reading speed and only take ~15-30 seconds to start spitting out a response.

    Next I want to set up a vscode plugin so I can use my own locally run codegen models from within vscode.

  • Google to crack down on third-party YouTube apps that block ads
  • The fork with sponsorblock is unfortunately very buggy, scrolling comments causes it to crash and lag, some videos just show "content unavailable" and I constantly get "something went wrong" banners popping up - even though sometimes nothing looks wrong. Vanced rarely gives me any issues aside from needing to be repatched a couple times a year.

  • TwitchAdSolutions – Blocking Twitch Ads
  • Blocking ads on twitch is rough, but somehow I have never gotten ads when watching on Chromecast (Chromecast ultra without Google TV, no android launcher). Am I the only one? I've never seen anyone else mention this but it's been almost a decade and I've lived in multiple states and casting to my Chromecast ultra somehow gets rid of all the ads and it's never been fixed.

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