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Revealed: Labour tried to gag Black lawyer who wrote party’s own racism report
  • Abbott was talking about it in general whereas the report was talking about it specifically within the labour party.

  • PSA.
  • It's depleted. They'll just get something like lead poisoning but much worse.

  • Post-YouTube: Why Aren't We Embracing IPFS?
  • Yep. You can scare people even more by mentioning that it's also used by Windows Update.

  • Post-YouTube: Why Aren't We Embracing IPFS?
  • NFTs, when implemented properly, would be an item tracked on a blockchain with a link to an asset backed by IPFS, plus some kind of copyright notice granting whoever owned the NFT a copyright licence to do stuff with the asset.

    People see IPFS mentioned in the same context as NFTs, and assume it's a scam. People have seen memes about NFTs just being an expensive hyperlink that can go down at any time, so think IPFS can go down at any time. People have seen twitter meltdowns from people who've bought NFTs and then lost access when the previous owner stopped adding redundancy to the IPFS file because the new owner was a moron who didn't know they were responsible for adding redundancy to the files they cared about and had spent their life savings on a esoteric way of getting a commercial copyright licence to something they didn't need a commercial copyright licence to without knowing that's what they were buying.

    It's basically just down to NFTs being the thing that made most people who've heard of IPFS hear of it.

  • Anon reflects on e-sports
  • Current-generation OLEDs aren't worse than late-generation CRTs for burn-in, they're just worse than LCDs.

  • Helldivers 2 Community Chose to "Save the Children" Over Getting a New Weapon, So Arrowhead Donates to Children's Charity
  • That's what I remember, so I'm not convinced the other commenter posted correct numbers.

  • Windows updating just before thesis defense
  • They tried. UWP and the Windows Store did loads to boost security and make the source of apps verifiable, but people hated it and barely used it, so the holes they were supposed to patch stayed open. The store itself did have the problem that part of its raison d'être was to try and take a cut of the sales of all software for Windows, like Apple do for iOS, and UWP made certain things a pain or impossible (sometimes because they were inherently insecure), but UWP wasn't tied to the store and did improve even though it's barely used.

  • Windows updating just before thesis defense
  • They update on two Tuesdays a month, and have done that at least since XP. Even with the most reboot-keen settings, the update doesn't happen until the time of day you're least likely to be using the machine based on when you typically do it. It tells you when that time will be and gives you several hours of notice with a popup with the option to delay. Depending on the variant of Windows you're using, you have settings to delay a forced reboot for up to a week (Home), a month (Pro) or forever (Enterprise). Obviously, that's not enough to make sure no one ever gets updates forced on them when they don't want them, and it would be nice if there was a way to distinguish users who know what they're doing from users who don't so people who do could be given more power to control if and when they install updates, but it is enough to ensure that checking the equipment before you use it is enough, potentially two weeks in advance.

  • PSA: Alternatives for the most popular communities
  • ! has less than 150 subscribers, so it's definitely not large. We're already swamped with infrastructure work for the stuff we already self-host, so I don't think we'll be running our own Lemmy instance any time soon.

  • PSA: Alternatives for the most popular communities
  • OpenMW's official Lemmy community has been on since 2021, way before existed (and most other instances, too), and way before there was any inter-instance drama. It's becoming increasingly likely that it's not going to be a suitable long-term home, but we'd be much happier if we could migrate the existing community rather than start from scratch with a new one. Is there any way to do that yet?

  • Woman, 25, who threw milkshake at Nigel Farage unmasked as Labour-backing adult model
  • They're hardly good at impressions, either. Everyone from north of Essex has the same voice, and they have to announce who everyone is when they start talking as if it's The Archers.

  • so fetch rule
  • Looks cheaper than a horse or motorbike, too, so also cost effective.

  • bffr and look up what solidarity is
  • That worked pretty effectively in the 1940s, whereas asking the Nazis politely not to invade Poland was completely useless.

  • What do I think about Lua after shipping a project with 60,000 lines of code? - Interview with lead programmer of the video game Craftomation 101.
  • It doesn't necessarily work that way, though. If tests tell you you broke something immediately, you don't have time to forget how anything works, so identifying the problem and fixing it is much faster. For the kind of minor bug that's potentially acceptable to launch a game with, if it's something tests detect, it's probably easier to fix than it is to determine whether it's viable to just ignore it. If it's something tests don't detect, it's just as easy to ignore whether it's because there are no tests or because despite there being tests, none of them cover this situation.

    The games industry is rife with managers doing things that mean developers have a worse time and have the opposite effect to their stated goals. A good example is crunch. It obviously helps to do extra hours right before a launch when there's the promise of a holiday after the launch to recuperate, but it's now common for games studios to be in crunch for months and years at a time, despite the evidence being that after a couple of weeks, everyone's so tired from crunch that they're less productive than if they worked normal hours.

    Games are complicated, and building something complicated in a mad rush because of an imposed deadline is less effective than taking the time to think things through, and typically ends up failing or taking longer anyway.

  • bffr and look up what solidarity is
  • Bombing things until they got the right to vote wasn't peaceful or legal when the suffragettes did it. If asking politely didn't work, there's no reason to think that asking politely but in a different place will fare any better.

  • gay rule
  • What if I wasn't gay this morning and thought it would have to be Marceline from context, but looked nothing like her?

  • Garry Newman of Facepunch comments on the Nintendo takedown of Garry's Mod content
  • You can lose trademarks, but this is a copyright issue. You don't have to defend copyright to keep it.

  • What were your misconceptions about Git when you first started?
  • Instead of a commit history, you get a commit fairy tale, which is prettier than the truth, but probably less useful. You get something akin to merging the base branch into the feature branch but things look as if they were done in an order they weren't instead of getting an 'ugly' merge commit.

  • These sockets above a dartboard in a pub

    Edit 1: I'm attaching the image again. If there's still no photo, blame Jerboa and not the alcohol I've consumed.

    Edit 3: edit 2 is gone. However, an imgur link should now be here!

    Edit 4: I promise the photo of some plugs does not contain erotic material (unless you have very specific and abnormal fetishes). I can't find the button to tell that to imgur, though. You can blame that on the alcohol.

    Edit 5: s/done/some/g

    Edit 6: I regret mentioning the dartboard, which was a safe distance below these sockets, and seems to be distracting people from the fact that one's the wrong way up. I've now replaced the imgur link with a direct upload now I'm back on my desktop the next day.

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