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[Discussion] Picks & other plectrum

Let's share about our favorite guitar picks.

Jazz III's are a popular favorite in my area, although I've almost always bought the cheapo Fender mediums and heavys. My dad played these powdergripped Dunlap tortexes for years, but they always felt so weird and out of place to me. I have a professional musician friend who swears by BlueChip flat picks. I'll defer to the community towards fingerpicks, felt picks, and sixpence coins.


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  • I'm a big fan of 2.0mm Jazz III-sized picks in general. Doesn't have to be Dunlop, I just like em small so I keep my thumb close to the string to minimize movement. The thickness helps with stiffness and with a nice loud attack to counteract the fact that I try to use minimal effort to play.

    Basically it's all about comfort (small hands), speed, and precision for me.

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