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Help me set up Easer correctly!

Hello! I recently installed Easer on my android device, and would like to set it up to:

  • automatically turn on DND (do not disturb) mode when I enter my university in certain dates
  • automatically turn off DND when I leave the university in the same dates

what I did is:

  1. create a profile "DND on" and "DND off", each one setting the DND mode to the respecting one
  2. create a condition "mon-fri", selecting weekdays from monday to friday
  3. create an event "university event" setting the location of my university
  4. also create a condition "university condition" with the same settings as the event (because I don't know which one is the correct one to use)
  5. create a script "is weekdays" with no parents and no profile set, "condition" trigger, and assigned "mon-fri" to it
  6. create a script "university in" with "is_weekdays" as parent, profile "DND on", and then assigning "university event" or "university condition" (don't know which oneis better), and setting "recurrent" to true
  7. the same as point above, but checking "inverse scenario" (don't know the exact translation)

when I enter my university, it works correctly, activating the DND mode. The problem is when I leave the university, because it just do nothing, leaving the DND mode on. What am I doing wrong?

thanks in advance!