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Why are used Samsung A71 so cheap?

I've had a humble A10s for several years that has worked well for me but I want to replace it with something a little better and I don't want to go broke either, and besides, I want to emulate some simple Switch games like Hollow Knight, so I've been researching different devices in the $150 to $300 price range and although there are many interesting used devices in that price range (Like the P30 Pro) the one that catches my eye the most is the A71 because it has a Snapdragon 730, an AMOLED screen and between 6 and 8GB of RAM with a 64MP camera and a 1080x2400 display and can be upgraded to Android 13.

Maybe I'm a bit outdated because I don't know much about the phone market, but from what little I know it seems to me that it's a very good device and definitely an upgrade to my current device.

So my question: Why in general is this device so cheap? Is there something wrong with it? I mean, even on Ebay it has pretty acceptable prices when used phones with worse hardware cost more.

And, does anyone know if I can really emulate Switch on it? Either with Strato (Skyline fork) or with Yuzu. From what I've read in some forums and seen in some Youtube videos, it is in theory supposedly able to run Warzone and Fortnite, and even emulate some Switch titles like Smash Bros and having a Snapdragon (which I've read is the best option to emulate) does not have problems of emulation incompatibilities as other processors.