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World Naked Bike Ride returns to Madison despite controversy
  • They would flip their lid at our European beaches and saunas. The only reason kids are not allowed in public saunas here is that people come there to relax in peace and quiet, and kids < 16 are incompatible with that, lol.

    When I was little, people didn’t even really bother putting swim clothes on kids under 4, because like, what’s the point. They’re babies, let em splash around in their natural state. Not sure if that’s still a thing since cameras are now everywhere at all times.

  • This person's grandfather is WILD
  • As someone with a nut allergy: almond milk, almond flour and other forms of stealth nuts that you can’t see from looking at a product can GTFO. The other milks can stay, you’re cool.

  • Brazil vs Mexico game temporarily stopped at 55’ due to homophobic chants.
  • So what’s the word then? Puto or what? It irritates me when news sources pussyfoot around the thing that was actually said. How are we supposed to understand in how far this was offensive/discriminatory if they won’t say what it is?

  • I wish I could finish video games
  • This is it. It’s your free time, OP. Don’t push yourself so hard and put these expectations on yourself to conform to how you’re “supposed” to enjoy things. In your daily life, you probably already have enough pressure to conform and have to put energy into working around your ADHD.
    Just play a game for as long as you’re having fun. If it’s not fun anymore, whatever. It’s okay to move on to something else if you enjoy that more. If you really want to know how the story ends, you can always look it up or watch some clips.

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