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Is virtualbox the best way to try a Linux distro on Windows before installing it as dual boot ?
  • This - but I’d take it a step further and use a small-ish USB 3.2 SSD with Ventoy instead. That way, your live Linux experience isn’t kneecapped by having to load programs off a slow USB stick. In a pinch you can use a SATA SSD with a USB-SATA adapter too, that way you can cram a ton of ISOs on there and go to town.

  • Having a bunch of beers rn & trying out Debian for the first time. Will I have regrets? 🤔 happy Saturday to all, drink something delicious today 🍻
  • If you’re using Debian as a daily driver you can always use a Flatpak if you need a newer version than what’s available in the repos. The foundation is solid, though, and that’s what matters - it’s one of the things that keeps bringing me back to Debian for office workstation use.

  • What is your favourite game with native Linux port?
  • Indeed - but it runs really well through Proton, as does BL2, so no big deal.

    Horizon Zero Dawn runs perfectly through Proton as well. Currently playing Forbidden West, about 24 hours in, and have encountered some minor issues (occasional momentary graphical glitches, rare instances of dialog drops requiring exit to title screen), but I’m not complaining.

  • Could linux breathe new life into a busted toaster laptop like mine?
  • Yep, definitely. Had some laptops similar to this in the fleet at work a while back and decided to do a mid-cycle refresh with SSDs instead of replacing them around the time the Samsung 750 SATA SSDs hit the market. Those machines ran better than new and lasted us until Skylake hit.

  • New Florida Law Requires All Women To Produce 3 Healthy White Sons By 22nd Birthday
  • As I’m sure pudding fingers will be inspired to make this into an actual law, and as I’m sure he doesn’t know what “ex post facto” means, I look forward to seeing this applied to my over-22-year-old childless sister.

  • Windows 11 is now an ad platform--this is why we're here
  • Is it possible to run what you need in a VM? That’s how I’ve been running things that need Windows to function correctly and it hasn’t broken yet. Can even get 11 working with an emulated TPM, including Windows Subsystem for Linux inside the VM if you’re feeling particularly bored.

  • Windows 11 is now an ad platform--this is why we're here
  • …no, I don’t want to put all my stuff in OneDrive. No, my settings shouldn’t sync across everything. No, I don’t want to log in with the same account on all devices. I already have email and do not want to use thanks. Stop warning me that I did not agree to put all my stuff in OneDrive, it’s really not necessary. What do you mean I can’t change my wallpaper unless I activate? Are you telling me that your antimalware solution that comes bundled in the OS isn’t able to block malicious ads in the browser that also comes with the OS? Why do these applications that I never installed keep showing up in the Start menu? What’s up with all these calls to Azure-based websites in my Pi-Hole logs when I’m away from my desk? Why are my CPUs going at full blast when I’m just staring at the desktop?

  • US support for abortion rights up four points to 60% since fall of Roe v Wade
  • The religious right seized on the revocation of 501(c)(3) status for private schools that discriminate based on race as their initial cause. That plus white flight allowed the southern states to maintain segregation in schools. It culminated in the Bob Jones University vs United States case in the Supreme Court. They didn’t say a thing about abortion until the late ‘70s.

  • 1 month of Linux Mint and some thoughts.
  • I’m not running Resolve on a supported distro so I’m already taking matters into my own hands, but installing it on anything newer than Rocky Linux 8 is just asking for weird stuff to happen.

    For the record the solution to that one is to launch by running this:

    LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/ /opt/resolve/bin/resolve

    Make no mistake, none of this denotes a negative experience. I wouldn’t use it if I hated it, and I sure as shit ain’t going back to any other OS.

  • 1 month of Linux Mint and some thoughts.
  • Need to launch DaVinci Resolve Studio from the CLI to figure out why it won’t launch from the GUI, and then launch it again with a list of libraries to exclude in order to get it working.

    Really weird errors if you try to use a USB stick formatted with FAT after applying a kernel update but before rebooting.

    Multiple password prompts when attempting to update Flatpak applications over ssh in its default configuration.

    Basic applications included with commercial operating systems often missing (e.g. paint application missing from Pop!_OS).

    Good luck figuring out emergency mode if you don’t know what fstab is. And changing kernel parameters on Rocky 9 must be handled via grubby, not by editing configs like in Debian, Arch, or Pop.

    Can’t emulate SSD on VM qcow2 files on Debian unless you use the version in backports; can emulate SSD but can’t use anything involving spice in RHEL9+clones unless you add a copr repo because it’s been removed. This makes desktop virtualization annoying.

    Can’t participate in Microsoft Teams calls if the input and output audio devices are the same device or the call disconnects/reconnects every few seconds. Microphone and speaker must be separate devices for optimal experience.

    Can’t use OBS Virtual Camera in Teams on Firefox.

    That’s the stuff I’ve dealt with in the past 3 weeks.

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