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Saudis Scale Back Ambition for $1.5 Trillion Desert Project Neom
  • TrashFuture will be devastated.

  • 🥚 rule
  • Jamie Loftus is hilarious, highly recommend her shows and podcasts

  • Automakers Are Sharing Consumers’ Driving Behavior With Insurance Companies
  • It has so many features and customization options that it can be a little confusing until you get it set up how you want it. The first thing I'd recommend is making sure it's in the orientation mode where the map will rotate to follow your direction of travel instead of always pointing north. (You can change the orientation mode by tapping the compass icon.)

  • Automakers Are Sharing Consumers’ Driving Behavior With Insurance Companies
  • There's an open source navigation app called OsmAnd that uses Open Street Map data. I'll never use Google Maps/Waze again.

  • Tips for a new player?
  • The fishing minigame will probably feel really hard at first but it's fun and easy once you get a feel for it.

  • If Disney Movies were on the alignment chart
  • The differences between Lawful Good and Lawful Evil are mostly aesthetic in my opinion. (They're both evil.)

  • Deleted
  • That's basically what the solidify modifier does, except it's nondestructive

  • New to Steam Deck and PC gaming, I'm looking for game recommendations...
  • Two great games that are perfect for Steam Deck - Hades and Hollow Knight.

  • NSFW
    Drawing nsfw lesson
  • ArtStation's marketplace has lots

  • Where are the good political songs?
  • I've participated in in-person protests with various groups about a dozen times a year since 2020 and I don't even live in a city. People are definitely out here protesting, we just don't get any media coverage at all unless we break things.

    edit- in an attempt to actually be helpful - search the internet for any progressive or socialist activist groups near you and sign up for their newsletters/follow their socials. Try to attend a few events, and there you'll hopefully meet people who can get you connected to local anarchists/more radical folks who go out and protest a lot. Then you can carpool with folks and share expenses and have a safe group of people to go to protests with.

  • 2FAS or Aegis
  • What's insecure about Aegis? It's foss, offline, encrypted, and password protected.

  • Sketch of my new Blades in the Dark character! Rhea / Blend
  • I love the world of Blades but my group couldn't wrap our heads around the rules.

  • Nexus Mods update regarding Palworld and Pokémon
  • You're not entirely wrong but the Pal system itself has a good amount of depth - Pals have traits and skills, and are weaker or stronger against different other types of Pals, so you can be very clever about what skills you teach them and what fights/environments you take them into. The game can get very easy if you exploit this system properly but is quite challenging if you ignore Pal stats and just grind levels and gear.

  • Completely untrue nowadays...
  • Enterprise grade MFD printers often have a lot of features that don't get detected/mapped automatically, such as finishing options like staples and folding, as well as color management. I'm not a printer expert, I try to avoid them when possible, but I know that mass deploying those specific configurations in a safe and sane way seems basically impossible.

    On the Fedora-based Linux machines, however, all of that seems to just pop in automatically, so I don't think it's a CUPS problem.

  • Completely untrue nowadays...
  • I do freelance sysadmin work and Macs are actually the hardest to mass deploy printer configurations to.

  • Why Prusa is floundering, and how you can avoid their fate
  • If you want a reliable open source printer and don't want to build it yourself, Prusa is the best option.

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