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[x-post @[email protected]] Do you run anything on a RISC-V processor?
  • Nothing practical unfortunately since I already have a headless raspberry pi and x86 machine that are no where near capacity. But I do love compiling whatever rust/golang project I'm working on to riscV just to see it run there.

    I also have an arm32 box so I have fun running binaries on 4 different instruction sets. Admittedly the novelty has worn off as everything just works.

    The work to get the larger linux ecosystem working on riscV is unfortunately outside my domain and skill level.

  • My wife was unimpressed by Vim
  • Lol I like your writing. The amount of headless boxes I work on has definitely contributed to my desire to get proficient at vim. Now I feel confident when I have to edit some text on a server, rather than hoping the server has nano and the file isn't too big.

    And that 3 days was how long it took until I was moving faster in neovim than vscode after 4 years of use. Though it's still perfectly valid to use vim motions in any editor you want. Theres a reason most every editor has vim motions.

  • My wife was unimpressed by Vim
  • The Primeagon and Rene Rebe come to mind. Tsoding uses emacs and flys around. I'm still new to neovim and can say the speed at which I can transfer my ideas into the editor is significantly higher.

    approximately nobody is competent in Vim because it isn't worth learning

    Come on, you really think its a giant conspiracy from elitists lying about their experience? You think thousands of developers are handicapping themselves for bragging rights?

  • My wife was unimpressed by Vim
  • Go watch a dev who is competent with vim/emacs and you will feel like a 7 year old on a tablet. I didn't give neovim a try until I was thoroughly embarrassed with my ability as a professional text editor (software dev).

    Is it the motions you don't like or the editor itself? After 3 days with the motions I could never go back.

  • German state moving 30,000 PCs to Linux and LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Blog
  • I think reducing their reasons to ideological is not fair. They stand to save a lot of money, reduce the risk of leaking data (to MS or hackers), and will have the ability to fork/add their own features.

    While I am not familiar enough with Calc or Excel to comment on the speed, I imagine having an entire government using it could get the ball rolling on optimizations.

  • JJ Redicks's Hoops Tank segment had me rolling

    Great take on the reacting to hot takes trend.

    Appreciation Post

    Just want to let be known I am very greatful for this wonderful app! I've used it every day for months and it has largely defined my experience with lemmy. As a software dev I know how exhausting it can be implementing all these thoughful features and I'm blown away by the quality/feature set. So, thanks!

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