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Maven Imported 1.12 Million Fediverse Posts
  • Am I misunderstanding this, or did they just fuck up the integration so it's one way with a plan to make it two ways after, and the AI alteration is just sentiment analysis on whatever they took?

  • Sense of humor not found
  • If you were really opposed to it, you wouldn't be making "jokes". It's obvious to anyone with a brain that you're just sneaking your horrible opinions in silently because you know if you said it openly, we would come after you.

    Pineapple does or does not belong on pizza

  • It's been around a year since a lot of us quit Reddit, myself included. I'm happy with Lemmy, but I still feel a bit lost online since leaving the old site. Discussion?
  • Conversation is usually higher quality, but there's not a high enough population to sustain niche topics. It's pretty easy to be exposed to obnoxious and unwanted topics, like man bear discourse, to an extent that Reddit would have filtered. Global news subs are thankfully not captured by warhawks

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