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How to feed your dog vegan

Do you guys have good resources on how to feed your dog vegan?

There are a lot of pages online that simply say "consult an advisor" who will calculate what your dog needs. I'm not bad in maths, I could calculate it myself if I'd knew what the dog needs. I can look into commercial dog food ingrediants but there are declarations like "minerals" without any further specificiations. Moreover, I eat a huge variety in differrent vegetables and food in general, yet my dog shall always eat the same according to vegan complete feed. Moreover, I can not properly judge whether a feed is good because the information is missing.

Where does the nutritionist get his information from? There must be someone who has studied the needs of a dog based on size and breed and created a formula such that you can calculate the servings.

I've looked into books on amazon and the comments are horrible. There's nothing on libgen and google scholar doesn't yield appropriate results.


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