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Typical price drop of flagship Samsung S2x after a year?

Considering getting an S23 256GB (live in UK).

Current price is £899, but there's a deal on right now where they give £100 cashback, galaxy buds FE (worth ~£100), and a year Disney+ subscription if you buy it from one of their big list of retailers (it's basically any legit retailer, but excludes, say random Amazon sellers). So I think I get one for ~£810; factor in the £100 cashback, and I'd be paying ~£710 for an S23 and buds.

Looking at Amazon (, it looks like the S22 dropped £100 when the S23 came out. Does that sound about right to people? In which case, is there any point waiting another few months to wait for a price drop when the S24 comes out?

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